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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Those damned double-standards

What's Mallard raving about today?

Mel Gibson haters (yet again), anti-Christian slurs*, double-standards in the media, some balding guy who thinks he has proof Mallard is a "hater".

One month later, there've still been no arrests made in the savage beating-to-death of the Mel Gibson story...though Mallard Fillmore remains the prime suspect. As is typical of poor Mallard, the lag between when the strips are written and published means he is often the only one talking about the issue when it finally appears, which becomes highly ironic in this particular case.

* If you are interested, the article I presume Mallard is referencing for this strip comes from L. Brent Bozell III and his right-wing media watchdog site (Media Research Center) and is called "Mel Gibson and the Politics of Bigotry". The general flaw in Mr. Bozell's argument is that it requires moral equivalency between what Gibson did and anti-religious expressions made as part of comedy (Dennis O'Leary), satire (South Park), or fiction (The DaVinci Code).

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smartalek said...

This latest tidbit raises two questions:
1) With the number of wingnuts who get nailed for DUI/DWI (Bush, Cheney, Gibson, Tinsley, ad nauseam) clearly exceeding cultural norms, do you suppose being a rightie causes you to abuse alcohol (or OxyContin, if booze just doesn't do it anymore) for some reason (only way to deal with the cognitive dissonance between your ideology and the real world, f'rinstance)? Or is it that the cumulative brain damage causes the thought process to fall apart, with right-wing delusions (and/or religious ones) as the manifestation? Or is it something else (such as perhaps being dropped on one's head or sexually abused by a closeted step-parent as a child) that causes both?
2) There seems to be a positive correlation between rightie ideation and Alzheimer's (Reagan and Heston being the most famous examples), as well as between wingnut tendencies and alcohol abuse. Does this suggest that if we can only get all the righties into AA -- or maybe all the alcohol abusers to repudiate the right (I truly don't know which of those is the more quixotic) -- we can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's in the present generation?