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Monday, October 15, 2012

That damned Spokesperson

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

If I understand this correctly, the Obama Administration has been changing the story on what happened in the attack on our Embassy in Libya as new facts come to light.

Which, obviously, has the Right Wing in an uproar because...uh, because...yeah, I'm not quite sure.


Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

I can't figure out what's supposed to be in Obama's thought balloon. Is he visualizing whirled peas?

dlauthor said...

That's one of them new communist light bulbs that looks different from real American bulbs, is the wrong color, and isn't as bright.


Rootbeer said...

From what I understand, the administration initially speculated without proof that the attack was related to an event that could have been taken as provocation, and when this turned out to be inaccurate revised their statements accordingly.

The opposition speculated without proof that it was a concerted act of assassination, and by chance their guess turned out to be accurate.

Neither side is faultless here.

Randy Winn said...

Libya's supposed to make you forget Obama got bin Ladn.

And among low-information voters, it's working, thanks to the "liberal" media.

Frank Stone said...

Yes, Mallard -- because the White House changing its position as new facts come to light is so totally worse than attempting to score political points off the attack before any facts were even known and continuing to attempt to score said points by exploiting the memory of those killed in the attack.

Also: What, no "*Newsmax"?

DiR said...

Remember all those comics Bruce did about attacks on US embassies during the Bu
Ahehehehe. Oh man. Nope, couldn't do it with a straight face.