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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week of June 23, 2013

What's Mallard raving about this Week?

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Tog said...

In the "mind" of Tinsley, anyone duskier than himself is guilty of something, so he couldn't give two shits if, for example, an elderly Sihk is beaten to death with a lead pipe, or a U.S. Muslim veteran gets his jaw broken by a drunk. In fact, he probably gets a boner over such incidents.

Bruce Tinsley is like the cowardly schoolyard brat who starts fights between other people so he can enjoy from a safe distance.

Frank Stone said...

You need to adjust your dog whistle, Bruce; we can all hear it.

Bill the Splut said...

It must be Sunday! As it's yet another predator/prey nonjoke single panel nonstrip.

Bruce, what day is "MY MOONIE WELFARE CHECK IS HERE!!" day? All of them?

First part of the WV: "rubbed." As in "What talking point Bruce rubbed out in 5 minutes today."

Neo Tuxedo said...


To put it on this strip's own level of sophistication: it's called the free market, Mallard. Why do you hate America so much, you big fat liberal fatty America-hater who is fat and hates America? Go peddle your weirdo commie papers to the Red Russians, you commie weirdo.

Fuck You, Tinsley said...

Tinsley is just mad because Man of Steel had an entire exploding planet. Current technology does not allow him to do the same to the Earth, killing exactly zero men he does not want to torture and murder. This includes himself, because he is not an albino, and therefore not white enough to be accepted by him.

Tog said...


I've said 'em before and I'll say 'em again:

(1) If this is what Tinsley thinks fascism looks like, we're all far better off than he'd ever dare admit;

(2) Obama is farther to the right than even some Republican presidents of the past, which makes you wonder why so many teabaggers hate him so much (just kidding, we all know exactly why);

(3) I could've sworn that invoking Godwin's Law meant you'd lost the argument; and

(4) ...This is coming from the guy whose only objection to TSA procedures is that everyone is subject to them, even white people.

Fuck You, Tinsley said...

Tinlsey's complaint is that he thinks Obama wants to be a dictator, but is way too nice to be one. Tinsley's ideal is an absolute dictatorial, Orwellian, genocidal, fascist, feudal society, and he thinks the only way to do that is to literally burn and salt the entire Earth, then send out death squads to torture the remaining minorities and kill the remaining whites until he is the only survivor. You may notice a slight problem with that plan, but Tinsley has no brain.

Frank Stone said...

Funny how it's only "fascism" when Democrats do it. Which is the only thing that's even remotely funny about this strip.

CW in LA said...

I guess the development that the IRS was also scrutinizing progressive groups, coupled with the fact that Mallard will continue to flog this supposed scandal for another three weeks before quietly pretending he never said anything, is also about as much of the funny as Brews is capable of mustering.

Tog said...


Sorry, Tins, America already has an Office of Strategic Influence. It doesn't spy on American citizens because the Pentagon isn't allowed to do that in the U.S. (snicker).

Hey, guess which administration is responsible for its creation? (Hint: Tinsley never uttered a peep about it.)

Randy Winn said...

I'm shocked ... SHOCKED ... to discover that the data mining program Congress authorized in a public vote has been used for data mining.

Frank Stone said...

Bushbaby also assured us that he was only monitoring suspected terrorists. And he must have been telling the truth about that, otherwise Bruce would have been front and center making just as big a stink as he's making now, and that clearly wasn't the case. After all, Bruce wouldn't dream of holding Republicans to a different standard purely out of willfully blind partisan loyalty... right?

Fuck You, Tinsley said...

Tinsley has a completely different definition of terrorists: Foreigners, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, agnostics, nonbelievers, anyone whose skin does not burst into flame when not far enough into the shade, anyone to the left of Hitler, anyone North of Southern Alabama, anyone who does not want to kill every member of those groups, and anyone not named Bruce Tinsley.

Frank Stone said...

Re Friday: Wow -- Mallard's laziness is actually greater than his hatred for Obama. Didn't see that coming.

It takes a Real Journalist to ask his audience to do his work for him, Ducky. You're a credit to the profession. And by "credit", I mean "disgrace".

CW in LA said...

Most days I'm too lazy to type "But you thought it was awesome when Cowboy Caligula did it, ya stupid sot."

But today I will protest Tinsh's laziness by making that effort. Suck it! (I'd say Eat it, but again, I can't see him doing that much work).

Tog said...


Look, Tin-Tin, you've already projected all the dirty tactics of the GOP--stuff you've proven you're perfectly okay with when libs and Dems and non-whites are the targets--into paranoid fantasies and delusions of fascism.

Repeatedly, in fact.

Y'got anything else? Here, I'll help: Senate Republican leaders have sent letters warning six professional sports leagues not to promote Obamacare (which, I'll remind any visiting teabaggers, is US law Constitutionally upheld by the US Supreme Court.)

How's THAT for some fascism? Gonna draw Turkey Neck and Orange Boner in Gestapo gear now, Tins?

Frank Stone said...

Patient Fillmore suffers from persecution complex and delusions of grandeur simultaneously, with no apparent sign of cognitive dissonance. Further study required.