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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week of July 21, 2013

What's Mallard raving about this Week?

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CW in LA said...

Huh, I did not know there are drones no bigger than a pigeon's head now.

Bill the Splut said...

...And suddenly, another right winger cares about the PATRIOT Act. Just 12 years too late, drunk duck.

Tog said...

@CW in LA: In all fairness to Tinsley I think that's just perspective. Despite his incompetence, Tinsley does know a few basic art concepts; we're just not used to seeing him put them to use!

(Also, they are in fact making bug-sized drones now. Naturally, they look different than the common image of a military drone and have limited uses.)

@Bill the Splut: In all fairness to Tinsley and his Teabaggistanis, twelve years ago they couldn't imagine another Democrat in the White House...let alone one of "THOSE people."

Anonymous said...

In addition to this having been started by Bush and Cheney, I had thought that everyone KNEW that electronic eavesdropping is what the NSA does. I had thought that was even on 60 Minutes, or similar. So why the fuss now? (Yeh, I was OK back then..)

Bill the Splut said...

"In other news, poorly-scribbled cartoon duck does not think that secretary of state is total hottie enough for him. In other other news, total hack cashes another paycheck."

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

WEDNESDAY or any day

Duck puts words in mouths of imagined foes, then laughs at how silly those made-up words are. Nailed it.

Toots McGee said...

I think the duck may have gone off script a bit. He appears to be critical of "the makers"* and their role in the hiring of "illegals". The duck will need to attend some mandatory reeducation to remind him that it is the "illegals" and they alone that should be castigated.

*Yes, his references are awkward and mostly off target. "Factory owners" sounds downright Dickensian, like cartoonish characters twirling moustaches and not real, honest American job creators. "People too wealthy to do their own yardwork"? You mean like agribusiness?

Frank Stone said...

Careful, Mallard -- you're coming dangerously close to aligning yourself with people who work for a living.

Or -- wait -- do you think you ARE someone who works for a living? Because THAT would be HILARIOUS.

Andrew said...

Not a whole lot of factories hiring illegal immigrants. Why? Because of UNIONS. That's right, Bruce- those evil communist UNIONS actually work against illegal immigration.

on the other hand, farms often use illegals because no on else is willing to do the work- even for higher wages.

And, yeah, some illegals are hired as gardeners (and domestics)- and fairly often by (wait for it) REPUBLICANS!

Tog said...

Tinsley only hates 'em because he loves 'em. It's those damn liberals who are the real etc. etc. etc. second verse same as the first.

I love Stormfarht's furious commenting tonight at OregonLive; he always completely loses his shit when the topic is race (*for some reason*) and tonight is no exception; scores of NO, U!!1 responses to other posters, during which he tries repeatedly to change the subject and then accuses the other guy of being "all over the map." Wooo...(.)

But the crowning moment is when Stormy starts bellowing his 'Latinos don't vote, so who cares about what they think' line, after protesting long and loud that he and his fellow oiks aren't racist at all.

Priceless. It's like a peek into Tinsy's own anti-thought process.

Borborygmy said...

Oh god-help-us. Tinsley, man of the people.

And is it just me, or are these "prove you are not a robot tests" getting harder?

Rats! Maybe I am a robot.

Frank Stone said...

Re Thursday: Mallard is only opposed to simplistic constructions when they don't conform to his prejudices and preconceived notions.

Or does he still subscribe to this proposition: "Everyone knows that if you criticize the president during a time of war, then you hate America and you want the terrorists to win."

Ball's in your court, Ducky.

Tog said...


In Tinsleyworld, today's stupid youth (AKA The Worthless Generation But Please Vote Republican Oh God I Didn't Mean It Please) go to college just to get high and graduate into a "cushy" Federal jerb.

...Because the Illegals took all the other jerbs. But that's not racist, you are!

Fuck You, Tinsley said...

It sounds like Tinsley has confused his hatred of immigrants with his hatred of the poor, and somehow come to the conclusion that the rich are the bad guys even though he only tolerates the rich.

Tog said...


1. Dust off list of ridiculous and false strawman arguments.

2. Depict strawman dusting off ridiculous and false strawman arguments.

3. Pfft, whatever, got paid for it.

I'm curious, when was the last time Tinsley (or any of his fans) stepped onto a college campus? Have any of 'em EVER set foot on a college campus?

Anonymous said...

Illegals are just that illegal. They broke America's laws by being here without following the process one should if they want to live in our country.

Obama does not give a rat’s ass about the lives of illegals. He will sign them up for welfare; food stamps etc. and eventually will have millions more Democratic Party voters who will continue to collect what the government gives them. Why is that so difficult for liberals to understand?

The liberals will also pay the price for them with higher taxes, higher crime rate…and on and on. If one of you liberals attempted to enter and live in Mexico illegally you would be arrested at the very least.

Tog said...

You tell 'em, anon! Illegals just come here and do crimes and live on welfare! Stoopid Obummer should let those illegals do all that backbreaking labor, which they totally don't do then arrest 'em when they want their pay! Then execute 'em! EXECUTE 'EM!! But leave the people who hire them alone, because they're job creators!!!!2 Besides no one hires them because they don't DO anything but crime and stamps!

...Hey, Mexico sounds like they got it goin' on!! Why don't we go live there instead?