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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week of August 25, 2013

What's Mallard raving about this Week?

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Tog said...


Back when Tinsley was spending three to four days a week depicting Ted Kennedy as a perpetually liquored-up souse, Tinsley himself was getting shitfaced on a regular basis (and driving thusly, one may presume, until he got caught).

Therefore in light of this strip, it would be irresponsible to speculate that he might be lurking in the park bushes with no pants on. Perhaps near your child's school.

Anyway, I'm glad Tinny thinks Ant Weiner and his JEW NOSE is still gold, long after America's quit giving a damn and Ant Weiner's odds of winning are more microscopic than the box office take of Paranoia. It's yet another one of those instances in which Bruce Tinsley says more about Bruce Tinsley than he says about his targets.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

It's an endless source of material for Tinsley, as is any one joke or portion thereof.

Frank Stone said...

Back to Weiner again? Come on, Bruce, haven't you started on the Bob Filner strips yet? Talk about an endless source of material. Or is it just too intimidating to contemplate the number and variety of "jokes" you'd have to tell? I know how you like to keep things simple.

Tog said...


"Woo! And check THAT out! Tinsley's down there admitting that his beloved 'Job Creators' don't actually create American jobs despite all those tax breaks!!"
"Aw, c'mon, you ain't foolin' anyone."

Capitalism is the most functional economic system mankind's been able to devise to date, but don't kid yourself: it loves socialism more than it loves an actual free market. It also requires a steady supply of poor people to keep the wheels of commerce greased, just as our government has always wanted a healthy pool of Poors to line up for jobs no one else wants to do--wars for the citizens, field work for the undocumented.

Being an intellectual (pffffHA HA HA HA HA HA) Tinsley knows this, but he has to feign being as ignorant about economics as he pretends to be about science, race relations, the Constitution, and everything else, in order to pander to his genuinely-ignorant bobbleheads.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Ha ha! A famous person didn't follow the straw version that conservatives created of him, so now they have to laugh about that.

Tog said...


"Wooo! Lookit that! All of a sudden Bruce Tinsley says Howard Dean should be taken seriously! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

Meanwhile, in reality, Republicans are jockeying for a position that will let them accept Obamacare (and later, take credit for it) without setting off their goober base TOO much.

When Rick Perry is in love with it, you're wasting your time, baggers.

Borborygmy said...

Howard Dean? Really? I couldn't find a NYT article, but there is this WSJ article "" from July 28. Dean generally supports most of "Obamacare", but warns that the Independent Payment Advisory Board won't keep costs down, citing a number of examples. He might be right. Nowhere does he use the term "Death Panel".

Is it a surprise that Tinsley didn't bother to read the article?

Borborygmy said...

Anyway, I though Palin's "Death Panel" thing referred to end-of-life counseling, not price controls.

The IPAB may be a form of health care rationing, but we already have that. Insurance companies ration health care, so do existing govt. programs like Medicare. The biggest rationer is poverty.

Frank Stone said...

No specific source, as usual. So we have to do Bruce's job for him, as usual. And when we do, we learn that Bruce saw what he wanted to see, as usual.

Also: "...has some liberals reconsidering how they could have missed that..." Uh, yeah, the word "reconsidering" doesn't fit that particular sentence. "Wondering" or "contemplating" would have worked better. Maybe you should reconsider your attitude of superiority on matters of basic education.

Frank Stone said...

Oh, I almost forgot: How do you feel about this development, Bruce? Are you going to do your Poor Little Victim dance on behalf of li'l Shellie or are you going to ignore her plight since her husband didn't respond to your love letters?

CW in LA said...

This thing that gets me about the Deany Death Panels talking point is not that it's uncritically picked up by the allegedly librul media. Rather, it's that even the genuinely liberal Mother Jones has bought into the narrative.

Well, Mother Jones can be embarrassingly superficial at times. This is one of those times.

Tog said...


Pure empty calories; a strip that means, features, and offers nothing.

Naturally, Brucie's Bobbleheads are completely awed by it.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

I'm waiting to see how long it takes to blame Obamacare and/or climate-baiters for the vacuity of whatever celebrities Tinsley scorns.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Flash: Mallard fans detest Tog because he mocks people he disagrees with!

Irony, whose various fragments were found at distances up to fifty miles apart, was not available for comment.

CW in LA said...

I suspect it's the disagreeing more than the mocking that upsets them so.

Tog said...


Re comments above: It's funny, because I'm the one who's supposed to be so furious every day at their truthiness!

So, along with all the other nonsense Tinsley has professed faith in (Climate Change Denial, The Laffer Curve, Birtherism, Sarah Palin, etc. etc. etc.), Tinsley pushes that Back-Door Creationism called Intelligent Design.

If Intelligent Design is real, explain Mallard. Or Bruce Tinsley.

CW in LA said...

I'll content myself with the obvious cheap shot that Mallard sure as hell doesn't have an Intelligent Designer, in any case.

This does rather show up the sincerity of Brews' Deep Concern about the quality of public education though, doesn't it?

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Tinsley confuses cause and effect today, claiming your kid won't have to get Intelligent Design forced on 'em because they don't teach much of anything, when the fact is that because ID smokers won't permit science in the schools (and educators tend to reject magic solutions), the end up teaching not much of anything.

It's an understandable mistake, considering that it comes from someone who's wrong all the time, either from genuine mistaken convictions or a constant need to kiss down to the militant adherents of belief over knowledge. "The base."

Frank Stone said...

That's right, kids -- if your science class doesn't include equal time for pseudoscience, that means you're being denied a Quality Education. And if your mommy puts a homemade sandwich in your lunchbox instead of Lunchables (i.e., prepackaged junk food), that means she doesn't really love you.

By the way, care to weigh in on this story, Bruce? I'm curious to see if you'll address the porn angle or if you'll just portray the victims as Christian martyrs because some of them reportedly had Bibles.

Bill the Splut said...

Fucken libtard skools don't teach that there weren't never no Holocaust, either! TEACH THE CONTROVERSY! ALL OF THEM! WHERE ELSE MAH KID GONNA LARN HIM BOUT BIGFOOT?!

Tog said...


Bobblehead: "This is not surprising, as the 'thug cultcha' is now taking over the NFL as it has already taken over the NBA."

This just in meanwhile: Tinsley Dogwhistle Too Subtle; Bobblehead Goes Full Racetard. More on this as it doubles down.

...Hey, keyboard culture warriors! Why don't you just boycott?

Tog said...


See, it's okay because Tinsley doesn't label the shark. You just attach whatever association you like (or rather, hate) to it! YOU'RE the bigot! Tinsley just blows the whistle! And remains an Innocent Champion of Truth-to-Power!!

...who happens to really really enjoy drawing JEW NOSE.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Liberals are the real haters for pointing out Freedom O' Speechers whose speech just happens to consist of hate.

Frank Stone said...

You know what? I'm doing something different today, Bruce: as an act of kindness, I'm going to bring a little joy into your otherwise miserable and bile-drenched existence by directing you, for your fapping pleasure, to the latest from Mitt Romney's erstwhile personal flak jacket, Kathleen Parker -- a load of concern trolling about racial identity which is really just one long whine about how whites are the real victims of racism (FYI, the "money shot" is when she states outright that there would have been "riots", instigated by "the usual suspects", if Christopher Lane and Delbert Belton had been blacks murdered by whites instead of the other way around). Don't let the wife in on it, though -- she might get jealous.

Don't say I never done nothin' for ya.