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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Those damned bananas

What's Mallard raving about today?

Bananas, handguns, liberals, the mainstream media.

Wow, a total grab bag of rants today. And, as is often the case, without any sort of punchline and all in service of a strawman. In this case, the strawman purports that all liberals believe handguns will never prevent violent assaults. Which is a fairly unlikely supposition on which to base anything.

Regarding Mallard's aggrievement against his editors, and without subjecting myself to the agony of reading back panels of Mallard to find out what previous depictions he is referring to, I'm willing to bet that the issue was context. Because it's hard to credibly suggest that newspaper editors won't allow depictions of guns in comic strips.


Charles Brubaker said...

In fairness, though, Scott Adams was censored by his editors once because he drew a police man shooting a pistol. Eventually, he changed it to a donut that shoots bullets.

wkqsyre said...

Tinsley can't draw guns, that's all there is to it.