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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Those damned mice

What's Mallard raving aout today?

Obese mice.

Nice work, Mallard. Ignore the completely obvious answer in order to make a fat joke that isn't funny in the first place.

I know this should have occurred to me sooner, but based on the fact that yesterday's panel was written on Veteran's Day, that means that this panel was written about 4 days past the Midterm elections, and Mallard has yet to mention it. Denial anyone?


Charles Brubaker said...

I don't think yesterday's strip was actually DRAWN on Nov. 11.

That means the deadline is ahead by 10 days, and it actually takes up to 3 weeks to be ahead of newspaper deadline.

So my guess is Tinsley sent a batch of strips to the syndicate, forgot about the Veteran's Day and it was too late to update the batch he sent to the newspaper, so he just mentioned it in the next batch of strips the cartoonist drew.

john said...

Hooray for comments ... I've wanted to comment for a while.

This strip is so bad. This blog, however, is good. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cripes, this guy sucks. Here's a remix that's a little more amusing (and accurate)...

Anonymous said...

I guess the point of today's strip is that our generous country is full of fat poor people who don't appreciate how good they have it? Similarly, MF thinks the prisoners in Gitmo and the other US-run concentration camps can't complain about being held in violation of the rule of international law and simple decency, because some of them have gained weight.
Being shackled 24/7 can do that I guess, MF. But it's not something for America to be proud of.