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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

That damned CDC

What's Mallard raving about today?

The CDC, Bono, Hollywood Producers.

I have to say, $1.7 million seems like a bargain compared to a rush at local Emergency Room by stupid people who were watching House and mis-diagnosed themselves as having a rare disease because House gave out the wrong symptoms.

Even so, cheap shots at Bono are pretty uncalled for.


Anonymous said...

1.7 million is NOTHING to the government, and it's nothing out of our taxes.

If there's 301,000,000 people living in the US, and let's just say only a third ever pay taxes on anything (including beer), that's 1.7 cents per year.

Sorry, I've lost more change to the laundry than that. Shall I bring my pitchfork and torch and go kill Sears while at it?

luke said...

I am detecting that you really, really do not like House (because it's too much like The Sopranos? WTF?).

EddyPo said...

Tinsley and fellow gasbags are adept at rooting out what they consider wastes of tax payer money. Funny they never bring up the BILLIONS being spent on Iraq. And for what? To give Iran more influence in the middle east? To fuel anti-american hostility? To create more terrorists? Money well spent Tinsley. I wish the only thing we had to worry about was how the CDC uses its resources.

dlauthor said...

Yeah, anyone know how much time $1.7 million would buy in Mess O' Potamia? I'm betting it's measurable in seconds.

Anonymous said...

At least let's be thankful he didn't even try to draw a caricature of Bono.

Anonymous said...

$1,700,000.00 here, $1,700,000.00 there. Pretty soon you're talking real money! It may be "nothing" compared to what's being wasted in Iraq and elsewhere, but every buck of our money that's taken and wasted is robbery. Don't condone any of it.

dlauthor said...

Thanks again for showing up, Bru -- I mean, "anonymous."

You have to establish first, however, that that money is misspent. Just because what's it's spent on sounds preposterous in a lousy, partisan cartoon doesn't mean it was. If you're trying to educate people about disease in our lazy-ass, entertainment-driven society, seeding the information in TV shows and movies actually seems like a damn good bet.

And hey, if it had been a privately held company, they'd probably have blown it on vodka-pissing ice sculptures for the CEO's wife's birthday party anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse I know it's real money. For goodness sake, I PAY my taxes.

But you know what? First prove that all of it's going the same way. You can't pull out one example, throw it out and say it's the norm.

Let's set the standard at... $10.00 of my money wasted. 2mil here, 2mil there, that's... rounding, approx. 500 ways you'll have to list that the government wastes my money.

Look on the bright side, that's 500 strips done, so it should cover the next year and a half of Mallard Fillmore.

Anonymous said...


It ain't robbery if I do give it up of my own free will. Tell you what, I'll nick in a DIME next time so that I can pay your share and 4 of your buddies.

Anonymous said...

'Thanks again for showing up, Bru -- I mean, "anonymous."'

you are aware dlauthor that not everyone who is listed as anonymous is bruce tinsly. I am the anonymous who said kaitlyn talked too much. Andy seems to be under the impression that I am the same as andy? because that guy (who posted before Andy and who is therefore NOT trying to make him look bad) agreed with me. I am not any of the anons on this page. There is no reason to make this some sort of henhouse where anons are harrassed for having the occassional unpopular opinion. That's just what that asshole tinshly wants.

john said...

Why don't you just choose a name to post with and avoid all the confusion?

Michael said...

$1.7M is spent every 9 minutes in Iraq.

Andy said...

"...Andy seems to be under the impression that I am the same as andy? because that guy (who posted before Andy and who is therefore NOT trying to make him look bad) agreed with me."

Sigh. No, I was established here well before that incident; I'm just a rather sporadic commenter when it all happened. And I never seriously claimed that anyone was trying to make me look bad; rather, I wanted to make it clear that the commenter who adopted a similar handle to my own was not me.

I figured my over-the-top use of outdated language from the Russian Revolution would signify that my claims that someone was trying to undermine our commenting solidarity were tongue-in-cheek.

And, like John said, just adopt a handle, like "That Anonymous Guy," and we won't kick you out for agreeing with Tinsley. I'm on record agreeing with him a few times myself.