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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That damned dog

What's Mallard raving about today?

Voter Registration, Dogs.

How scandalous.

I will look forward to three weeks from now when Mallard takes a hard hitting look at vote caging in Florida with his typical blend of vitriol and insight.


Mysterio said...

Seeing as how Tinsley has previously encouraged people not to vote if they're stupid or uninformed (
his sincerity in supporting the woman raises some doubts.

Scanman said...

And never mind the intelligence of the dog who votes. It's funny how Mallard gets upset that a woman gets caught committing a crime.

12xuser said...

Investigation after investigation finds that voter fraud is negligible to nonexistent, and that those instances that do occur are mostly due to honest mistakes rather than intent to affect an election. Voter suppression, however, is a well-documented weapon in the Republican arsenal. The US Attorney firing scandal has its roots in this practice. Haven't seen Mallard mention that yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Lookit the cute wittle puppy-doggy! Those bastards! They must hate the doggy! Why else would they fine its owner?

Voter Fraud = Community Service
Homicide = Waste Removal?

What if the homicide is of a disgusting wastrel like Tinshly?

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Ann Coulter got caught committing voter fraud. Y'gonna do THAT strip, Tinny Boy? Yeah, I didn't think you would...

Scanman said...

His Reference source was AP? Is this the A&P? Tinsley goes to the A&P to get his source material? At least he could get his source material from the Associated Press.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to raise an important question:

How does it prove that the rules were bad if she ACTUALLY GOT CAUGHT?

It's irrelevant at what point it was discovered and whether she told them. It's just submitted info that has no bearing on elections unless the dog actually voted. Or did jury duty.

It's like maintaining you got away with murder just because you weren't arrested for it 30 seconds after committing it. And if you confess before you're found, how can you prove that they would have never caught you if you hadn't?

But then again, this is the same duck claiming our judicial system doesn't work because a judge's frivilous lawsuit got tossed out.