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Thursday, July 05, 2007

That damned punchline

What's Mallard Raving about today?

Judge Roy Pearson, the Legal System.

I can't decide on a single snark for today, so I will go with two:

1. As a public service, I think Mallard should include the phrase "don't look over here for a punchline" every day.

2. Damn that Legal System! If only we had leaders willing to ignore the law when it gets in their way.


Scanman said...

Damn court system threw out the lawsuit! How whack is that?

dlauthor said...

I see Tinshley's using Insta-Mallard Strip Formula #6 here:

Panel 1: "Wacky anecdote!"
Punchline: None.

Mysterio said...

Speaking of our legal system, I'm sure Tinsley was squealing with glee over the fact that Scooter Libby got his sentence commuted.
(Though in a week or so I expect to see a strip talking about how poor Scooter got busted, while mean ol' Bill Clinton walked away scott free.)

Katie the so-called midget said...

I know Fillmore has never been a strip concerned with being current, but this case has already came and went. It went to trial, the Korean dry cleaners won and the judge was ordered to pay all their legal fees.

The country's over it.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

MF isn't even a comic strip anymore. It's an illustrated lecture. I guess it's easier for Tinny that way; less drawing and zero imagination.

For all his shortcomings, Tinny used to show a talent for moderately dynamic panel layout, if nothing else. Nowadays, it's duck head, text, duck head, minor symbolic illustration. Whole panels of nothing but text. It takes an opportunity to shoot a fish in a barrel (say, Alec Baldwin or Al Sharpton) to get him to even bother scratching out one of his half-assed caricatures.

It's like Tinny and his fellow neocon-lovin' idiots (the miserable dinks behind Day By Day and Prickly City, et al) are having a contest for Ugliest Eyesore Of A Strip.

I almost feel sorry for Tinny.