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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Those damned posh digs

What's Mallard raving about today?

The CDC, Tax Dollars.

Yeah, Mallard, that kind of waste is limited to government agencies.

I'm sure you can't find similar patterns of behavior in the private sector...cough...Dennis Kozlowski...cough.


dlauthor said...

But taxes are "your" money. Whereas money paid to corporations is just the good old Invisible Hand of the holy free market at work. Don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

You don't have to do business with a corrupt corporation, and it's likely to go belly-up if the corruption is too bad. If you don't "do business" with the government you land in jail. And it never goes out of business because there's an inexhaustible font of taxpayers' money out there.

Scanman said...

Boy, just try to not to do business with a corrupt corporation. Some are easy, like Wal-Mart and Microsoft because they are high profile and interestingly probably more above the board.

It's those faceless companies that are involved with every facet of your life that you forget about, highways, energy, food, real estate and what have you that are the most corrupt.

In order to avoid it you have to live like the unabomber and when you live like the unabomber...

EddyPo said...

I agree with scanman. I'm more worried about all the corporate hands in my pockets than I am about Uncle Sam's.

I think it's cute that anonymous actually thinks that a corrupt corporation will inevitably go belly up. I guess I just don't have that much faith in the so called free market.

dlauthor said...

Brucie, even when you sign "anonymous," we know it's you. Put the bottle down and get help.

Andy said...

I actually work for a corrupt government agency, the Indiana Department of Health and Human Services. Every 6 months we get an evaluation. If we get a good evaluation, we get a big raise, if we get a fair evaluation, we get a normal raise, and if we get a poor evaluation, we get a very small raise.

The thing is, no one ever gets anything but a fair evaluation. Supervisors have tried to give their better employees better evaluations, but the message always comes back that the evaluation is inconsistent and has to be re-done, because for every good evaluation given, there has to be a bad evaluation given. It's a commonly held belief that the best raises are earmarked for the bureaucrats in the Indinapolis offices.

Before 2004, the state hospital I work at had a union, but Mitch Daniels' first act as governor was to disband the state union. Now there is no power to keep the administration consistent and fair.

So perhaps a better union would be the answer to this problem of corrupt bureaucrats.

Sorry for the length. As a government employee, these strips about lazy, corrupt government employees strike a nerve. Especially since my particular job in the government is to make sure the mentally retarded schizophrenics, many with murder charges pending against them, stay under control and don't hurt anybody.