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Thursday, July 05, 2007

That damned Fred

What's Mallard raving about today?

Fred Thompson, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton.

OK, Mallard has moved on from Walter Williams and settled on Fred Thompson as The Savior.

At least I think that's Fred Thompson. It's impossible to tell from the caricature, a fact which Mallard seems aware of since he has kindly labeled the man.

Nice timing on Mallard's part in coming out for non-candidate Thompson.


4n0n3m0u5e said...

thought i was damned - then realised im not thompson

GeoX said...

We elected a bald President fifty-some years ago, you dumb fucking Duck.

BillyWitchDoctor said... he trying to SELL US Fred Thompson? Because THAT f***er looks scary. Like a cross between Cheney and Nixon. Oh, wait, maybe that is his selling point.

Tinny indeed sucks at caricature. I'm sure his "hook-nosed" Jon Stewart was no accident, nor were his depictions of Hillary Clinton to resemble Rosanne Barr or Jane Fonda--but most of the time he slaps together a face that shows he's just as limited artistically as he is philosophically...which is to say, so much so he should have a placard to let him park in the handicapped spot. (Y'know, if he could drive legally.)

Oh God, DaveyK--thanks for the laugh. I'd almost forgotten about Wally Willy. That was hilarious! And throughout the land, there arose a mighty "...who??"

Scanman said...

I hate the "Is America Ready For a Bald President?" "joke" We've had several presidents that were bald presidents like Ike, John Q Adams and nearly bald like Gerald Ford and LBJ.

Why not say is America ready for a president with facial hair again? At least he can do a cheap shot at Hillary.

We've had bald presidents, gay presidents, crossdressing presidents, fat presidents, bachelor presidents, but we haven't had women, black or even Jewish presidents.

EddyPo said...

I was hoping for #2 on Mallard's summer reading list today.

Stupid duck. One item isn't a list.

Regarding today's strip: I was wondering if this was a shot against Edwards. You know, "vote Fred because he's a real man who doesn't care about his hair".

Scanman said...

How care you care,

When you have no hair

pmf said...

Ignoring the inanity of the comic, I think I've finally placed what Mallard's biggest problem is (besides not being funny, being a drunken idiot, and being incapable of drawing): he tells us instead of shows us.

I mean, the whole "Is America ready to elect a bald president?" shtick would still be stupid, but it would at least resemble an actual attempt at humor if he showed Clinton and Obama running an anti-baldy campaign.

Of course, that'd require some sort of ability to draw and create a three-to-four panel comic rather than the typical blank canvas of words floating around disembodied heads.

For christ's sake, alls I ask is for some sort of effort.

Scanman said...

How CAN you care,

When you have no hair

That's what I meant

Anonymous said...

Should the Republican candidates be the ones worrying about Thompson?

Frankie Machine said...

You are all leaping to the conclusion that the bald man with the "Fred" lapel pin is Fred Thompson.

In fact, it is Fred Mertz.

EddyPo said...

I would vote for zombie Fred Mertz. Hell yeah.

Kaitlyn said...

geox - if Tinshley was alive in the 50s, there's still no way he'd remember Ike.

Because there were no pictures back then. Or archived video available today.

Besides, Ike is a bad republican. I mean, he warned of a military-industrial complex that exists today, beyond his wildest nightmares.

At the start of the Cold War, even! What treason! But like his veep said, if the President does it, it's not illegal.