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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

That damned reading list

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Declaration of Independence

All men are created equal. All ducks, however...


Andy said...

Is it me, or is Mallard uncharacteristically subversive today? It's not like the damned liberals in the executive branch are the ones taking away our rights. I was expecting another round of heavy-handed "Freedom isn't free!" nonsense.

This, combined with the fact that I share Mallard's concern for China's human rights violations (although not so much his concern for their inferior dog food), makes me question my own liberal credentials.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

It's true, Andy; Tinny's so steadfast in his vision of Liberals as subhuman buffoons (his wife and editors not included, I guess), he fails to see how much he has in common with us. (On the rare occasion he begins to smell the coffee, he goes into "I'm a Libertarian!!!1" mode.)

This is still a total-crap strip, even by MF standards. Mostly text, very hastily scrawled--What? Couldn't get an image of the actual Constitution?--and two emotionless duck heads...and a pencil that appears, in the last panel, to be developing erectile dysfunction.

Mallard doesn't seem very interested in encouraging anyone ELSE to read this document, just tossing out "Happy Fourth!" as if Tinny couldn't think of anything else to say. Anything else at all. That's pretty sad performance from a self-proclaimed American Patriot.

Tinny's done quite a few of these lackluster slap-jobs lately; maybe he's burning out. ...Excuse me, burnt out.

Scanman said...

All men are created equal. F*** the ducks!

Scanman said...

He's being subversive by stopping at the creator part to stick it top those of us who are too foolish to believe in the invisible cloud being.

Anonymous said...

He didn't put the title of the reading on the list, he put the first paragraph. Did anyone else notice that, or are all of you gonna harp on "all ducks".

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Although Andy ALSO pointed this out in the first post, this only struck me now how really different this particular "patriotic" MF strip is: most of his July Fourth and Veterans' Day strips are exercises in "Thank You For Your Sacrifice (But I Want Washington To Slash Your Benefits So I Can Have A Tax Cut)" or "Americans Suck (Because They Have Barbecues On Holidays Instead Of Rending Their Garments In Patriotic Fervor)."

This one's just: "I read the first line of the Constitution! Bye now!"

Man, that's weak sauce. I liked you better on the sauce, Tinny.