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Sunday, March 27, 2011

That damned Body-Image

What's Mallard raving about today?

Body Image.

Mallard Fillmore: Men are from Mars, Women are weak-willed individuals who allow media images of beauty to affect their self-image and I cannot tolerate weakness and must mock them for it.

But before you, sir, are the sexist among us! Not I. YOU!


Tog said...

I don't know...seems like Tinsley's simply depicting the woman as wishing her lazy-slob partner would stir himself enough to improve a bit.

Seems almost reasonable.

Maybe Tinsley's not feeling well. Maybe he just forgot that any slob-depreciating humor has to balanced with an air of "ME AM MAN, THIS AM WHAT MAN DO."

He does have this issue of being torn between idolization of women (Chantel was, after all, once drawn attractively, and could easily do better than Mallard, who in turn plays Tinsley's personal stand-in as often as his creation) and hatred of same ("Chantel-cide! Get it? HAW, HAW!").

I'm going to be charitable and assume he woke up on the "idolization" side of the gutter two weeks ago.

Hey! A different groin! Again! Somebody's really earning his gold star sticker!

Anonymous said...

Wow! He's actually moving the wires on the back of the TV. Not always the same one all the time.

Kip W said...

We almost got two slack crotches for the price of one today. That would have been, I dunno, twice as interesting as usual. Yes, exactly twice as interesting as usual.

rewinn said...

How many drinks would it take to make today's "comic" funny?

Bill the Splut said...

If they made a film of the Mallard Fillmore comic strip, it would be called "Back of a TV Set: The Movie."

The sequel would be called "Back of a TV Set: Close-Up of the Power Strip."

DiR said...

see, there's a difference between media body-image, and GET OFF THE FUCKING COUCH, LARD ASS.

Steve-O said...

Again, Tinsley draws his male subject with an utter look of contempt on his face. If he had drawn the next panel it would've been Tom Cruise crashing through the window and arresting the guy for the future crime of strangling his wife with his bare hands based on information from Tom's group of pre-cogs. Naw, that would've been WAY too interesting.

Madpuppy said...

This was a Sunday panel?

Man, Windsor McKay, Bill Watterson, and George Herriman must all be upset that they wasted all that time and energy creating masterpieces when all they had to do was just draw one big panel. I guess if they had spouted anti-liberal BS, they could have qualified for Right-wing welfare and phoned it in, too.

Kip W said...

rewinn, I can't help thinking that an animated kid should be asking that question of a cow, a fox, a turtle, and an owl.