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Saturday, March 05, 2011

That damned Commercial

What's Mallard raving about today?

Doritos, Michelle Obama

Apparently Mallard didn't like some Doritos commercial.

Unlike the rest of us, however, someone actually paid him to complain about it. Then that complaint got published in newspapers and online.

Seriously, is no one paying attention?


Tog said...

Had to Google to find out what had Tinsley's nads in a knot:


Prior to Super Bowl XLV a few weeks back, I somehow missed a heated controversy over a Super Bowl TV commercial that ultimately did not air. The dropped ad in question was one for Doritos, which many felt mocked the Catholic church and the communion ritual.

While I didn’t find the ad necessarily offensive (I’m not Catholic, so perhaps if I were, I’d be upset), I thought the ad wasn’t particularly funny and wasn’t of the above-average caliber we’ve all come to expect of Super Bowl ads. Just my opinion.

Spot-on point made during the discussion in the video below with Megyn Kelly and radio hosts Leslie Marshall and Lars Larson that beating up on Catholics/Christians in the media is quite acceptable by many in Hollywood and liberal circles — had a similar ad mocked the Muslim faith, however, the outcry and negative media coverage would have been overwhelming.

(end quote)

Oh, brother. Yeah, the minute Megyn Kelly (FOXLies' latest "hot" angry blonde bellower) enters the picture, reality flees. Otherwise, it's the same old crap: Won't someone summon a waaahmbulance for us poor persecuted Christians?

...Because the last time I saw anything about Catholics in the media, the Vatican was comparing the media to Nazis because they wouldn't just drop that whole "sexual abuse of children" thing that nobody wants to hear about anyway.

But wow, Tinsley actually managed to twist all that into an attack on the First Uppity N*****-Woman In Mah White, White House. Incredible. Huckabee would probably welcome such "talent."

DiR said...

Modern Super Bowl commercials are many thing. Above-average caliber, they are not.
I'm going to guess Doritos as holy sacrament wafers. Meh.

It's amusing that Tinsley seems to think that negative press has any sort of negative effect on profits in America. If the commercial was black dudes in SS uniforms beating their white slave woman while throwing their illegitimate inter-racial babies into a wood chippers, then munching some COOL RANCH FLAVOR, then maybe Doritos would have a problem.

dlauthor said...

So nothing's been happening in the Middle East or Midwest during the past month, then. Good to know, research-boy. Carry on kvetching about commercials nobody remembers.

For the record, the Super Bowl was four weeks ago. Even for Tinshley, that's a hell of a delay. Maybe it took him a while to sober up after the game ended, and he missed a fortnight while he was blacked out.

Steve-O said...

I actually think the ad that Tinsley's bitching about is the one where the guy licks the Dorito residue off the other guy's fingers, but this being Tinsley, he's so fucking late and out-of-touch, who knows?

Kip W said...

Steve-O, I think you've put your finger on ... agh ... it.

Hell, apart from the obligatory slam at Mrs. Obama, I could almost buy into this one.

Jamie said...

We've reached rock bottom, people. One panel. The top-half of a badly drawn duck's head. A "joke" that MIGHT be acceptable as small talk. You can't get any less talented than this.

Iron Dragon said...

I kind of wonder if the problem has more to do with something mentioned in a that I actually enjoy.

Iron Dragon said...

the link didn't show. apparently. Also the problem I meant was him ignoring the protests adn such

Rootbeer said...

I googled "Super Bowl ad Doritos" to find out what the hell this idiot is referring to, and was reminded that there were several different Doritos commercials for the Super Bowl:

- the unaired communion one, mentioned by Tog;
- the finger-licking one, mentioned by Steve-O;
- one where an asshole taunts a puppy with a bag of Doritos, and ends up flattened under a door;
- one where a different asshole knocks over an urn of cremains and the power of Doritos[TM] brings the deceased man back to life.

Still no idea which of these Bruce intended as "THAT Doritos ad" from a month ago. Probably whichever one aired first, as the artist blacked out long before the others ever aired.

And then there's this.