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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Those damned Emails

What's Mallard raving about today?

Doctors, Weather.

I'm sure this has something to do with protests in Wisconsin. But what it has to do with them is beyond me.


Tog said...

I...wait, what?

Best I can come up with is that students are BETRAYIN MERIKA NUBBER WUN by supporting their teachers, rather than those would be their masters, so Tinsley feels he must SPEAK TROOF TO POWAR by...I don't know, calling them slackers?

Weak sauce, even for Ol' Batshit.

NickE said...


There were some doctors handing out fake notes to the protesters. Evidently, Tinz rubbed this cartoon off during the 24 hours between the original report and the debunking.

Or maybe after, as the press didn't cover the debunking so much, and Tinz didn't know.

Or he did, but he's a lying sack of crap.

Choose your own adventure!

muddyriverlover said...

Mallard is suggesting that the typical teacher has no problem blowing off his job on a nice day. What's more, he's suggesting that teachers are somehow unique in this impulse.

For the record, as a high school teacher for nine years, I never once took a sick day just because the weather was nice and I didn't feel like going to work. Believe me, I would have liked to, considering what a nightmare it can be to control a roomful of teenagers on a beautiful spring day. I guess I just believed in doing right by my job, and therefore was the sort of employee Mallard conveniently overlooks when he takes on the subject of public school teachers.

dlauthor said...

Bruce, just because you know a doctor who's willing to testify at any future trials that you're not an alcoholic, that doesn't mean all docs are crooked.

Steve-O said...

No wonder they want those excuse slips now. I don't think that doctor's going to be around when the weather warms up due to that huge green tumor growing out of the side of his neck.

Bill the Splut said...

As if Tinny's "job" didn't consist of puking out crappy, humor-free scribbles, all the while lounging in his bathrobe before using the excuse "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!"

David in NYC said...

I was going to write some scathingly sarcastic comment, but then I saw this:

WV: worcest.

And I thought, that's about what I was going to say about this anyway, completely with Brucie "post-research" spelling.

Beaten to the punch by the randomizer.

Rootbeer said...



Maybe this is a complaint that teachers don't spend their summers in classrooms, and therefore honest non-teacher working people need to resort to inducing their doctors to commit fraud in order to get their employers to provide a similar benefit?

That's the best I can do at my current BAC level.

Bill the Splut said...

I think that this should get a special nod for "?...." possibly the strangest punctuation ever.

Kaitlyn said...

But by the time the weather in Wisconsin is nice, the school year will be over.

They'd need the notes now, right?

Take out the "Wisconsin" and this is a very very bland "ha, people don't like to go to work/school when it's nice outside, amiright?"

It still doesn't make sense.

My poor head.

Kip W said...

NickE has the story.

Tin's bitter because there's no excuse for him.

rewinn said...

A nation that attacks its teachers is cutting its own throat.

DiR said...


This clearly only makes sense to those of you who watch Fox News all day.

Tog said...

Ah, I see now. Thanks for the refresher, NickE.

The problem is, the GOP is throwing out so much bullshit, so rapidly, and moving onto the next serve so quickly, that Tinsley's two-week lag renders him that much more pointless and irrelevant (regardless of what position he fantasizes that he holds on anyone's enemies list).

I'm sure he's got a whole week's worth of strips based on his outrage over the NPR "scandal." WE'RE NOT RACIST YOU ARE!!!1

Side note: Indonesia? Mau Mau? Oh please God, let Huckabee get the nomination!