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Thursday, March 03, 2011

What's Mallard raving about today?

Unemployment, President Obama.

At least President Obama is looking for solutions, rather than saying "so be it" about people losing their jobs.


Tog said...

Because regular Americans are fools who can't possibly have a solution, right? It's tax cuts for the wealthy, union busting, austerity measures out the wazoo, and nothing else, right? After all, that's how Junior Bush brought the nation out of the financial disaster of the Tragic Clinton Debacle, right?


DiR said...

..Okay, this one is actually kinda funny.
But only a little bit.
And not in the way it's intended to be. Incidental humor.

Rootbeer said...

This is almost funny, but only if you're familiar with the inexplicable rash of online ads reading "1 weird tip of a flat belly, discovered by a mom". Otherwise, the reader is clueless about what Obama's looking at on that laptop computer hovering two inches above that oversized picnic table.

I agree that President Obama is interested in lowering unemployment, and that although the idea of a simple fix is appealing, the reality is that it's more complicated than that.

Randy said...

Just wondering, I've seen the ads this refers to almost exclusively on Facebook. Has anyone seen them on other sites? What can we deduce about Tinsley's browsing habits?

dlauthor said...

@Randy: If it's something Tinshley's fond of browsing, I suspect we'd find the ads at, but no way in hell I'm going there.

Also, probably Free Republic, but I want to go there even less.

Frank Stone said...

Purely by a process of elimination, I'm guessing that mass of scribbles on the right side of the panel is supposed to be a phone.

Is it possible that Brucie puts even less effort into drawing this strip than he puts into writing it?

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

@Frank Stone: saying his writing is less bad than his art (or vice versa) is just multiplying by zero.

rewinn said...

I'm thinking of drawing a comic strip featuring a dog (instead of a duck).

First attempt Walker is Koch's poodle.

It took five minutes, so I could do a whole week of Mallard Fillmore over lunch.

DiR said...

Yeah, those "(your state/city) mom discovers white teeth / flat stomach / $10k/month!!) ads are freaking everywhere now.
So the concept of a crappy yet oddly specific ad on Obama's computer is kinda funny. "DC Area Mom Discovers Cure for Federal Deficit" would have been better, but that would require an intention to be amusing/good, and not just some fourth-rate Fox News waterboy.

David in NYC said...

@rewinn --

Yeah, but you forgot to add in all the time for "research". Factor that, and it would probably take you just as long as it does Brucie.

Then again, yours was actually sort of funny, so you're still ahead.

WV: neshous. How reading Mallard makes most people feel.

Kip W said...

"Local Mom Finds Rutabaga that Resembles Tinsley's Version of President"

"And Another One"

"And Five More"

"Local Mom Realizes All Rutabagas Resemble Tinsley's Version of President"

Anonymous said...

Not quite as insane and pointless and unfunny as usual!