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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

That damned Gentleness

What's Mallard raving about today?

Unions, Journalists.

I'd like to thank Mallard in advance. He probably will spend 2 weeks on this train of "thought" (for certain limited definitions of "thought"), which means I don't really have to do any work to maintain this blog for the same period of time.


Tog said...

It takes a real son-of-a-bitch to spend weeks stridently defending the most vile eliminationist rhetoric (and every wrong-winger practicing it), even after it has led repeatedly to bloodshed, THEN turn around and cry foul because of this particular sign Tinsley will continue to bawl about for days to come.

But then, Tinsley's always been a real son-of-a-bitch, whining about black racism while ignoring white racism (including his own), and sobbing that teabaggers mustn't be judged by their "few bad apples" while demanding that skin darker than his own be officially recognized as the sole "red flag" for terrorist profiling.

Also: Fuck you, Tinsley. The protests in Wisconsin have to be the most peaceful in American history. Even the police are being nice. True to form, your fellow swine in this media that you insist is "liberal" make up immediately-disproven complete horseshit about damage and litter at the protest sites, just like you enjoy doing on Earth Day.

Anonymous: I've provided the following for you to copy-paste at your convenience.

"Heavens, how uncivil! You liberals are far worse regarding whatever we're talking about than conservatives! You're the REAL fascists, and one day we'll line you up against the wall and execute you all! You hypocrites!"

dlauthor said...

Meanwhile, at hack cartoonist's school, class was cancelled again today because Professor Tinshley was passed out in his own pee on the front lawn.

Rootbeer said...

"* actual sign (google it)" is STILL not a valid citation, dipshit.

I actually did google "walker wanted dead sign", and all I could find was one short video clip of an outstretched arm holding the aforementioned sign (done in crayon on a scrap of cardboard, it looks like) with no way of identifying who the sign holder was, or where and when the video was shot.

Along with about a zillion conservative bloggers projecting their own concerns about violent rhetoric onto the largely polite, peaceful, and firearm-not-brandishing Wisconsin crowd.

Toots McGee said...

Isn't about time to retire that "Meanwhile, at a Journalism School Near You...." gag and come up with a different way of flinging poo at the "liberal media"?

Oh, wait, I forgot who we were dealing with.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Don't ya just love how Tinsley draws the teabaggers who we've seen again and again shrieking about the Kenyan in the White House and "KEEP YER GUVMINT OFF MY MEDICARE" as nice old ladies, but--of course!--teachers in Wisconsin who don't want to fucking live under bridge abutments (the nerve!) are portrayed as just irrational, rage-filled crazy people.

I've said it before, but seriously, Tinsley, fuck you. You make the world a worse place.

rewinn said...

The real difference between pro-union and Teabagger rallies:

* 600 is a big Teabagger rally.

* 60,000 is a typical anti-Walker rally.

Source: google it!

Frank Stone said...

Good little tool, Brucie: you're following the standard right-wing fanatic's tactic of holding up the exception and presenting it as the rule (even though, as noted previously, we have no way of knowing exactly who was holding that particular sign) and then flogging it endlessly -- even if it turns out to be complete bunk.

How is it you're not working for the RNC?

Kip W said...

Good news, all you right-wing movers and shakers who call for death and dehumanization of everybody else! They've found perhaps as many as two union members in Wisconsin who said something about a third as nasty as what you say every day. So now everybody's guilty, and you can stop being ashamed!

(Just kidding! I know you have no shame.)

DiR said...

What DaveyK said. See y'all in a week!

David in NYC said...

@Frank Stone --

What evidence do you have that he isn't working for the RNC?

Neo Tuxedo said...

@David in NYC: have an internets. No, in fact, here, brother man, have two.