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Sunday, December 23, 2007

That damned partisanship

What's Mallard raving about today?

Partisanship, Christmas.

I know of no one who believes their "message" is "important" and yet will openly admit they are a partisan hack.

Mallard, blithely, becomes the first member of that club.


exanonymous said...

Yes, but God also said "thou shalt not kill" and we know how well that one went over.

And how it's not only infinitely more important, but it's the only message. Really, you can't be a part-time Christian to avoid burning in hell, Mallard. It isn't very Christ-like to sneer and laugh and make fun of people as you so often do.

BikerDude212 said...

"It isn't very Christ-like to sneer and laugh and make fun of people as you so often do."

By that logic, all editorial cartoonists are un-Christian.

factinista said...

I'd like to thank Mallard for finally admitting that he is insignificant. It's the greatest Christmas present we could ask for.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

By that logic, all editorial cartoonists are un-Christian.

...And how many editorial cartoonists claim to be fervently Christian?

Short list:
1. Bruce Tinsley

...And apparently, God so loved the world that he's sent an asteroid to smash into North America.

Happy Holidays!

confused said...

I'd add David Horsey to the list. For years his signature had the little fish.
(ok, I admit, I picked that specific day due to its close hit to home for Mallard)

I think there's a big difference between pointing out our foibles and putting people down. Nobody said Christians can't criticize, they just have to be able to show respect when they do -- something Mallard is completely lacking.

Frankie Machine said...

When will these damn Christian cartoonists actually draw a Christmas cartoon that is funny? Mallard today was straight out of a Jack Chick tract.
I think even Bill Keane, to his credit, tries to make jokes about Christmas. Just because we're celebrating the birth of the mythical god-child doesn't mean we've forgotten how to laugh.
Bring back the yuks, Tinsley. I'll buy you all the booze you need to crack wise this holiday season. I make a mean high-octane eggnog that should have you making jokes about unplanned pregnancies, regifting of Myrhh, annoying drummer boys, you name it.

Kaitlyn said...

What planet is that?

Gag me, gag me, gag me!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to one and all. After all, its christmas or christmas eve today. What contextually relevant and topical strip1

exanonymous said...

"By that logic, all editorial cartoonists are un-Christian"

Then yes, they are all un-Christian if that's how you wish to see my logic. I might not actually be wrong there. Just because it's tough to be good doesn't mean the bar gets lowered to good enough.

I also did say Christ-like. I don't think Jesus would make a very good editorial cartoonist. He hung out with lepers and prostitutes too much, and didn't care much about the political figures and situations editorials are so keen on.