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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Those damned wrist bands

What's Mallard raving about today?

Cause Bracelets, Charity.

Let me see if I understand this correctly...

Mallard is complaining about a fund raising vehicle for charities because it has become popular and therefore (by definition) is successfully raising funds for charity.

Yep, that seems about par for the course with Mallard.


factinista said...

Maybe they could make a bracelet to support fixing that guy's eyes.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Yeesh, Tinny.

I can see why you dig Lance Armstrong.

First, with a name like "Armstrong," you knew he must be a Manly Man. Second, you're probably sporting a stubby chubby at the thought of such a Manly Man throttling cancer to death through sheer Triumph Of The Will. No complicated medical procedures for him! (...Not the truth, I know, but when has the truth ever interfered with a Bruce Tinsley fantasy?) Third: Take that, French!

You're not even thinking about the ongoing fight to cure cancer, are you, Brucie? It's all about Lance. Lance Armstrong is your idea of a "cause." Everything else is crap.

Please, educate me, Tinny: which "cause du jour" (Ha HA! Take that, French AGAIN!) do you equate with "Save The Mayonnaise?" Your strip wasn't specific. (That would take guts, and a Manly Man is Not You.)

Happy Holidays, you vile little pig.

exanonymous said...

It is so much better to pretend to give to charity than to actually give to charity!

Merry Christmas, and DIE Tiny Tim, DIE, your only hope was the money raised through trendy rubber band bracelets and some duck decided the mayonaise was better.

connection said...

maybe he thought the toilet paper would help 'save the mayo'? he must have had a "mayo-accident" in the bathroom when thinking up this years' gift ideas.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think Bruce's original idea went something like this: ching chong ching chong. But in all truth, Bruce is probably a nice guy you could hqve a drink with at a bar...Oh wait

Named After Ham said...

Save The NeoCons!
Save The Chickenhawks!
Save The NSA Wiretaps!