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Friday, December 28, 2007

Those damned razors

What's Mallard raving abut today?

Electric razors.

Mallard, if you are getting electric razors as a gift, trust me, it's not the store's fault. It's that people hate you.

(Is it just me, or has Mallard been extra incoherent recently?)


BillyWitchDoctor said...

It's not you, DaveyK. I suspect an electric razor is the only present Tinsley got that he couldn't drink--and that's why he's mad on razors.

Do I really need to bring up the mugshot as a reason for someone to buy Tinny a razor?

God, look at that strip. There's the weird, punctuated (but not capitalized) signage, the total disparity between the two windows, and the little old lady behind the window needs a taller stool to sit on. I guess filling in that sore-thumb silhouette on the left really took it out of Tinny...

john said...

Yeah, really. It's complete crap. What else can you say about this strip anymore, except that it's complete crap? Day after day after day after day after day of complete and utter crap. No respite. Just crap.


(Brain explodes)

confused said...

Children, don't let your comic strip writers drink spiked eggnog.

qpjxhuzg said...

What exactly is wrong with electric razors? They're less annoying and painful than regular ones (although admittedly not un-annoying enough for me to quit shaving altogether).

Anonymous said...


Joe Shlabotnick said...

This strip shows why he tries to be "political" all the time-- at least that way, the right-wing cranks will support his "comic."

If he tried to do non-diatribe "everyman" "humor" like this more often, even the paranoid, angry, bitter right-wing cranks who usually defend his work would turn on him and there would be absolutely zero people on earth who would even bother looking at his crap.

Tinsley really has no choice but to have his "comic" be political, partisan, bitter, vitriolic and over-the-top, because it's the only way he can make a living by drawing the same duck with the same expression over and over again.

Whenever he tries anything else, the poorly drawn, humorless, nonsensical results irritate everyone of any political stripe.

exanonymous said...

Why does a duck need to shave?

People give people electric razors for Christmas who show little interest in anything else. It's supposed to be a "here's an upgrade to something you use every day that you probably couldn't justify buying" present for the picky guy. But hey, whoever gave Bruce a razor, give him toilet paper next year.

And they are out year round. You get more during Christmas in more obvious displays but they are in fact out someplace in department stores all year. I know. I once put them on the shelves.

Matt Ramone said...

Between this and The Golden Flash, this strip should be dubbed Cow Tools.