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Thursday, December 13, 2007

That damned pay

What's Mallard raving about today?

China, Christians.

Well, that and the fact that their shipping boxes appear to leak oil.


factinista said...

I hate the Chinese government just as much as Mallard, and even I'm sick of his yammering about it.

Really though, boycotting China would be close to impossible for most people. Not a problem for Tinsley though, since China's not exactly known for its booze.

exanonymous said...

Jiminy Crickets! Mallard's RIGHT! In the spirit of Christ I will a) forgive China and b) not purchase presents of any sort but instead donate my money and time to the less fortunate and pray.

Wait, that isn't what he meant, was it?

Aww, crap, I forgot Christianity to the likes of him is only good for threatening other people and feeling smug.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Peace on Earth? Sorry. That item is currently out of stock.
Goodwill toward Men? Oh HELLS no. Are you nuts?
Celebrating personal (and largely fictional) moral superiority? Hot dog! We have a weiner!

Still, here's one nice story for the Holiday season about a man standing up against the odds for what's right.

And rest assured fair-and-balanced Tinny won't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

jcllesyz said...

Hey, it almost scans again! For the second day in a row! This makes this the best run of strips in Mallard Fillmore history.

12xuser said...

I'm just hoping he continues the theme of limericks about Jesus.

mapaghimagsik said...

Wow, Mallard can't even have a comic about not commercializing Christmas without having some horrible *they* to blame.

Michael said...

Am I blind, or is there no corresponding note for the asterisk?

That white box has annoyed me for a week now, and he keeps copying & pasting it. The top looks like the flag of England, and on each side, the ribbon is completely misaligned or going the wrong direction. Come on, Tinsley, a cube is the simplest 3D object you can draw.

GeoX said...

The asterisk goes--I realized after much squinting--to, a site devoted to persecuted CHRISTIANS, 'cause other persecuted jerks can go fuck themselves. There does not appear to be anything on the site about Christians in China. Well, it might be in one of items in the little vertically-scrolling marquee, but you have to register with the site to click on any of those, and it ain't exactly a simple process, so...forget it. Another superior citation job from the Tinz!

onrtinq said...

Francesco Marciuliano wins the Universe.

Michael said...

Thanks GeoX. Once I pulled out my magnifying glass, I could see it on the far left.

This is the millionth time I've been lectured by Mallard to use my spending power domestically rather than in China, but what about the specifics? When is your long overdue anti-Walmart cartoon, Mallard?

Kaitlyn said...

He had an anti-walmart cartoon one Sunday, but it ended up an attack on latte-sipping, volvo-driving liberals for not liking wal-mart.

Oh, me head.

Home Improvement is on now! Let's have some real laughs.

Kaitlyn said...

BWD - I love that story. I just read it today, but it is so good. I had to repeat it to everyone I saw today. (All 2 of them!)

It is heartwarming.

But Tinz would focus on the story my sister just heard of today - Santa not being able to say "Ho". Gag me.

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn, the story about not being able to say HO reminds me, last night outside Safeway, the Salvation army bell-ringer was singing "Don we now our FESTIVE apparel"

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Kaitlyn, Anonymous: Those stories are headshakingly hilarious. I can't wait for Tinny's strip about how Santa and the kettle-hangers have been victimized by the Liberal Political-Correctness Conspiracy.

Happy Holidays! (...You wanna fight about it?)

MartyRotten said...

This is a few months late, but since Mr. Tinsley is so concerned with human rights abuses in China, I was wondering when he ran the strips condemning the Chinese crackdown on the monks protesting China's occupation of Tibet that occured a few months ago. Or China's continual oppression of Buddhists and followers of the Dalai Lama? ....What?....he didn't do any? You mean he's only concerned with the human rights of Christians?
Maybe he should read the Bible and see what Jesus said about hypocrites like him.