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Friday, December 07, 2007

That damned woman

What's Mallard raving about today?

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton.

I said it before, apparently it bears repeating: You gotta hate folks who come to the political spotlight without hard work. Folks who come to prominence by marriage, or, say, birth.


Michael said...

In her case, she's famous because of her powerful & enormous right arm.

This is yet another Mallard that has the main character lecturing a stranger who isn't listening to them. The plaid shirt only adds to her "crazy lady in the subway station" aura.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Who are these people?

Funny how the outspoken, looks-you-in-the-eye woman is the straw-woman Stoopid Libural (who dresses in a hideous assortment of "man clothes," hint hint), while the quiet, head-down, mousy woman is--well, who knows. Given Tinny's track record, she's probably his "feminine ideal." No Chantelicide necessary here!

It's hard to say for certain because Tinny's so incoherent. (It probably requires increasing amounts of alcohol to maintain that po-faced facade in spite of the blatant hypocrisy...)

I'll call the blonde "Ellen D." God, look at that shoulder/neck arrangement.

confused said...

Now I feel guilty. Yesterday I said:

"On the bright side, there is no duck or poorly drawn Clinton (pick one) in today's strip."

Then today he makes obvious reference to both Clintons.

I am truly sorry.

Dave said...

This made me wonder about Ms. Clinton's qualifications. As I recall, she had more private sector experience than Bill, and may inf fact be the more "qualified" of the two. I'm not sure how you quantify qualification for president in any case, I believe that the GOP has some kind of anointing ceremony? Someone more in the know would have to clarify that.

Anonymous said...


Matt Ramone said...

Uh oh, looks like Tinzanonymous has been hitting the sauce again. I guess another strip is about to be drawn!

Kaitlyn said...

This just doesn't make sense!

"Just because you're a woman in America....

...doesn't mean you can't be a president...

...whose primary qualification for the job is being married to an ex-president..."

(If I missed a few dots, I'm sorry.)

That sequence of words he just puked out make no sense! None!

Not to mention the misogyny. Some people can make a statement with the word 'woman' and mean one woman, or a hypothetical, or one situation.

You get the feeling Mallard means all women.

No woman can be president without a former president for a husband?

Does he believe that or does he believe that liberals do?

What about the fact that no one can get very far in national politics without connections - it's just marriage and family connections are more visible.

What about John Adams and John Quincy Adams? Nepotism! Alert Fox news!

Now let me watch Monk!

factinista said...

Maybe Tinsley has realized that no one pays attention to him, and having this woman preaching his beliefs to a random stranger while being ignored is his way of telling us that.

Captain Slack said...

@Matt Ramone: I'm not sure whether that's Tinonymous or someone doing a parody of him. I think we may need to amend Poe's Law (first definition), but then, I've thought that for a while. Or I could, like Tinny himself, be talking out my xmpkxfi.

@Kaitlyn: Yes, it's incoherent and self-contradictory. And, given that it's the GOP's second most prominent dry-drunk, this surprises you why exactly? 8-)

mapaghimagsik said...

wow, just when I thought he couldn't get any more incoherent, he tops (or is it bottoms) himself

Taking Stock

dlauthor said...

Slack --

What's "dry" about Tinshley?

exanonymous said...

Hilary put her political career on hold for Bill's bid for presidency. She put HER career on hold. She did not get one by marrying Bill, she had one well before that. Tinsley, learn that if anything else.