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Monday, December 17, 2007

That damned vulgarity

What's Mallard raving about today?

Christmas, Progressives, Euphoria. does this explain why cave woman didn't use the word Christmas yesterday?

More to the point, however, every time Mallard makes some sort of profession of his Christianity it throws me for a loop. After all, his value system revolves around vilification of pretty much everyone, especially those who don't believe the exact same things and behave the exact same way he does.

Which is pretty much the exact opposite of what Christianity stands for. At least the Christianity personified by, say, Jesus Christ.


doni said...

silly blogger, christianity according to mallard has pat robertson's massive legs as supreme deity.

exanonymous said...

What, one shouldn't be the fist of Christ? You're only supposed to turn the other cheek if you can't beat the crap out of them or whine for others to do it for you.

I'm just bothered by the really lazy panel splitting. Was this a done in one go, oops, out of room, time to bring in the ellipses sort of thing? I like how we have the duck face randomly thrown in so that we know it's Mallard and not Bruce Tinsley. And why is he writing? No wonder there's no "balanced" reporting, all the conversative ducks are busy writing their "why I hate everyone but me" lists.

Mysterio said...

Air's pretty thin up on that high horse, eh Tinsley? I suppose that accounts for the general quality of MF.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Remember yesterday's strip? Remember how I admired the effort, even the restraint from the usual Mallard Fillmore horses**t that Tinsley serves up?

Well, that didn't last very long, did it?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go curse, gnash my teeth, and pee all over myself in blind, raving fury that Tinsley remains--at least in his own mind--steadfast in his Christian values.

Because it just burns my ass, you know.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

By the way:

(1) What's Wrong With Mallard Fillmore has been back for a while. It's a bit lonely there, though. Visit, won't you? Tinny craps out enough poop for more than one blog, yes?

(2) Regarding the whole "War On Christmas/Christians" nonsense: the lovely and talented Wonderella put the debate to rest WITH A SINGLE LINE IN THE FIRST PANEL.

Start promoting Christian values, Tinny, and then you can pretend you're a Christian culture warrior.

Until then, I'll leave my ass under the mistletoe for you. Pucker up.

Michael said...

bwd nailed it again.

Mallard is right - I, because I am progressive, frickin' hate Christmas. I don't even know why I'm driving 5 hours to see my family next week. Instead, maybe I'll just stay home and ruin other peoples' marriages by getting gay-married.

And what's with the rubber pencil?

Mysterio said...

What do you want to be that few to none of his suggestions will be "vulgar"? This strip actually reminds me of the infamous "Gonna threaten an Aftrican-American" strip from a while back, in that he's trying to seem all edgy and controversial, but it will ultimatly come to nothing.

ozzdx said...


Dave Robidenza said...

1. What, no follow-up to Saturday's bizarre non sequitur strip, some kind of clue as to what it meant? Please?
2. You know, if he really thought that some of his "jokes" were going to be so vulgar that he doesn't want to mention them in the same breath as Christmas, he could have-- I don't know-- self-edited and not written those jokes. He can't have it both ways - insisting on saying Christmas despite the fact that it's primarily a secular/cultural holiday for many people and then turning around and saying he doesn't want to sully the word Christmas when he makes fun of the secular gift-giving portion of the holiday.
3. And this progressive Christian cares not one whit whether he uses "Christmas" or "holiday" in his lame-ass attempts at humor this week. There are ways to poke fun at the excesses of the holiday while still embracing the deeper meaning. (See Schulz, Charles)

Kaitlyn said...

Maybe the presents will be made in China.

This comic actually pisses me off. Which was his goal.

Just like the one where he says he rides a bike, but he's better than progressives because he doesn't force it on others.

Have you ever met anyone who took offense over ANY holiday greeting? I haven't, unless the screeching over the ABSENCE of a greeting counts.

And Dave - you're right. There are ways to protest the materialism of Christmas without coming across as shrill and combative.

Dave Robidenza said...

I did get annoyed at a friend who wished me "Happy Hanukah" on several occasions, mainly for not knowing my religion after 15 years. Then again, I guess I should have been glad for the good wishes whether or not they jibed with my own beliefs (and I think it's okay for Christians to celebrate Jewish holidays, as long as it's not "The Messiah's Not Here Yet Day.").

Or perhaps we should all just wish each other Happy Yak-Shaving Day.

Kaitlyn said...

Dave - Did he say Happy Hanukah during Hanukah?

If you'd told him that you weren't Jewish, he may have been joking and picking on you on purpose - especially if something so petty bothered you.

Did you tell him you weren't Jewish, or did you just expect him to pick it up?

And I don't know what you're saying by "I guess I should have been glad for the good wishes whether or not they jibed with my own beliefs"? Good wishes are neutral - they don't become bad because you don't celebrate the event mentioned.

I don't get you.