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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

While no criticism is intended of Mallard's Memorial Day panel, here's a much better Memorial Day remembrance.


Michael said...

Okay, I'll do the honor of criticizing it.

If only more people -- someone, anyone, who has a public forum and was allegedly against the war from the beginning, had the courage to speak out! Then maybe 4000+ of our soldiers wouldn't have died in vain!

Jazzbumpa said...

The great American conceit is that our fallen service people made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. For The American Revolution, Civil War, and WW's I & II, one can certainly make that case. All of our other wars, battles, skirmishes, and invasions have been mostly about American imperialism. I still have no God-damned idea what the hell we wee doing in Viet Nam.

WV: armashwy - arms and mashing - the American way of foreign policy.

12xuser said...

Yes, Memorial Day is also a time to reflect on the madness of the decisions that sent thousands to die in the defense of wealth, privilege and political power.

rewinn said...

Tombstones are typically tombstone shaped, so I don't know what that kid is doing celebrating Jesus' death (and, presumably, resurrection) on Memorial day.

Jews, Muslims, Wiccans and atheists may not count in Tinkley's world, but does he really want to piss off America's Sikhs?

GeoX said...

He's almost certainly confusing Arlington National Cemetery with "In Flanders Field." Cheney did the same thing a while back.

Anonymous said...

As Michael said, the real shame is the absence of any organized peace movement which would question these insane and unnecessary wars which our young men and women are sent off to. How are we "kept free" by our kids getting killed in Iraq, Viet Nam, or Flanders fields, for that matter? Every obscene caper in every generation is passed off as a fight for freedom, when almost all of these wars were waged by taking away freedom (through the drafting of kids) and by killing people who posed no threat to our freedoms at all. We weren't in danger of invasion from Iraq, Mexico, Germany, or Alabama, for that matter.