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Monday, May 25, 2009

That damned Dinner

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Media Bias.

Jokes made at the Correspondent's Dinner are now Gospel?

Stephen Colbert's entire appearance also?


Factinista said...

It really says it all when the writer of a political cartoon can't understand satire.

And Mallard, he's your president too. Deal with it.

exanonymous said...

So the words out of the president's mouth are gospel truth and not a joke at the correspondent's dinner?

Now, about those WMD's that Bush lost in his office, shouldn't we be doing something?

BakaHoushi said...

Did you hear what Obama said about that guy from Nantucket? It turns out, it wasn't true AT ALL! He LIED to us all!

wv: peonost; A lowly pianist, playing only for his master.

NLC said...

What an idiot.

Look this up on YouTube and listen to it. Everyone there understood it was joke.

OK, Tinsley, let me give you a hand. I'll write tomorrow's panel for you.

The original quote:
B Obama: "It is a lie to say that I killed puppies as a child".

Draw B Obama standing at podium calmly stating (to an adoring audience): "...I killed puppies as a child".

Because, after all, these words came out of his mouth!

Once again, it all comes back to the fundamental question: How does this junk get published?

Bill the Splut said...

I think the original joke was that there is bias in the media--from Fox.

Joking about the lies you told about WMDs that led to a needless war that killed thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, now THAT'S comedy! It's a real knee-slapper, assuming that a roadside IED didn't leave you with a prosthetic leg!

Worst part: I'll bet that this is going to go on aalll week...

NLC said...

I think the real lesson here is that we should all be thankful that Tinsley hasn't accidentally stumbled across The Onion yet.

MartyRotten said...

Well remember, this is the guy who was afraid that his fans would think that the joke in Bill Maher's AMERICA book was a real Mallard Fillmore strip.

GeoX said...

Jon Stewart, you mean. But yeah, and furthermore, this is a classic "oops...I forgot to tell a joke" day.

Robert said...

By contrast, "I hope (Rush Limbaugh's) kidneys fail" isn't a joke. At least not when I say it.

Michael said...

The streak of not-bad cartoons is finally over! And in a BIG way. I can't figure out if Mallard is being dishonest and insulting our intelligence, or just jaw-droppingly stupid.

All I know is that, judging by the shaking in the last panel, Mallard ran out of his favorite breakfast ingredient this morning.

CW in LA said...

Most liberals I know think for themselves. So if even a president we admire says something, we'll check it out for ourselves befre we believe it.

This contrasts with a lot of right-wingers, who remain convinced Saddam's WMDs are out there SOMEwhere, because their Leaders said they were.

rewinn said...

I vote for "jaw-droppingly stupid."


* This would have been weak enough joke the day after the Correspondents' Dinner, but three weeks later, it's just brainless negativism about a speech most everyone's forgotten (...wasn't it stupid for Tinkley to remind us that Obama is witty!);

* The text is mindlessly padded with words that exalt the writer's ego but hurt the joke. Examples:

** "So, LIBERALS" serves no function except to slow the joke down. Mallard is like the drunk at a bar who relishes calling you a "LIBERAL!" because he thinks it's a daring way to insult you.

** "me and" makes Mallard himself the heart of the joke. Will someone tell him that mockery has to be about someone the reader cares about (either positively or negatively) and no-one gives a d@mn about Mallard?

** "your president" emphasizes that Mallard is not an American citizen (there is no provision in our Constitution for cartoon ducks). however, it was more likely intended to underscore that Tinkley is a bitter denier the reality that ( as factinista notes ) Barack Obama is Dennish Tinshley's president!"A much crisper (if still stale) rendition of the joke would drop the needless naming of the guy Tinkley is caricaturing (how stupid must Tinkley think is audience is, if he has to label his own drawing?) and omit the Onanistic vituperation of Tinkley's enemies:

At the 2009 White House Correspondents Association Dinner:

Obama: "Most of you covered me, all of you voted for me"

Mallard: "Told ya!"

But this would the center of the joke where it belongs: on the president, not the bitter drunk. What's the fun of being a bitter drunk if you can't draw attention to yourself?


Y'all do yourself a favor and read the speech. Now that is humor ... it even has punchlines Tinkley could steal, e.g. "the right to bare arms".