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Monday, May 11, 2009

That damned Hate Speech

What's Mallard raving about today?

Hate Speech, Miss California, Gay Marriage.

Disagreeing with someone on Gay Marriage is not the same as accusing them of Hate Speech.

I know that's hard to understand for a Republican, a party in which deviation from what Rush Limbaugh believes is not tolerated.

But for the rest of us, it is possible.


CW in LA said...

I like how, when Tinsley doesn't need a straw man to make his point, he still goes right out and finds one (or two) anyway.

Michael said...

Inventing a wispy straw man is one thing, but just days after Condi Rice dusts off the old "if the president does it, it's not illegal" gambit?! About human torture?!

Is there a word stronger than "hypocrisy"? Hypocrimaximus?

exanonymous said...

The offensive part was not about how she believes marriage is between a man and a woman (otherwise known as "opposite marriage"), but how that's true in "her country". Which just sounds like more BS about how there's a real America and a fake uninvited America. It might have also been an honest answer, but it was a bit garbled, which alone should have cost her the crown. But the right wants to treat her as a poor mistreated intelligent and delicate beauty.

Of course, that doesn't take away from the fact that the whole beauty pageant thing is offensive. Especially when they spout utter nonsense as if the brain and the mouth hadn't been on speaking terms in a long time.

BakaHoushi said...

There does, indeed, lie a subtle line between what is hate speech and what is not. And Tinsley's permanent beer goggles makes him unable to see it.

Hate speech implies that she bears some sort of special grudge against THE GAYS (capitalized for dramatic effect). In reality, she's just ignorant. My guess is she thinks this way because that's "how I was raised."

So she's not a hate-monger. She's just stupid. (A stupid girl? In a beauty pageant? Well, I never!)

dlauthor said...

And as a stupid person, she has of course become a spokesperson for the anti-gay marriage movement, and Greater Wingnuttistan as well.

Speaking of hate speech, I wonder if a certain someone will pop up today to sling around off-target slurs against gay people like he did with black people the other day.

Word verification: poddly noun ex. Bruce Tinshley got so drunk last night, he made poddly in his pants. verb ex. Anonycoward hopes that next time, Bruce makes poddly in his mouth.

Jazzbumpa said...

Holy haystack, Batman - now we have straw puppies.

Bakahoushi - How miss C. was "raised" involved boob implants. A stupid person as speaker for the right - what an amazing cioncidence. Move over Joe, Michelle, etc. . . .

Kyle said...

The most infuriating thing about the Right is to make something fit their point they just lie. Taking up Miss California as some persecuted banner for "family rights" is yet another example, as no one accused her of hate speech. The most that was said was one person, that Perez Hilton guy, saying she lost because of the answer. That's it, one person. The part of the nation that isn't frothy-mouthed right wingers didn't care because, well, it's a FREAKIN' BEAUTY PAGEANT!

rewinn said...

Alternate answers to Mallard's question:

"Because context affects meaning. Neither said those words in isolation; Obama came out squarely in favor of civil unions, whereas Miss Opposite Marriage opposes equality under our law. "

"Because we want beauty queens to be kind as well as beautiful (see: "Carrie Prejean has become a sort of anti-Susan Boyle") whereas presidents are allowed to be real bastards"

"Because in neither case was it hate speech; Miss Opposite Marriage lost Miss USA because she gave a stupid, undiplomatic and ungrammatical answer"

"Because Miss Boob Job wants the publicity."

Freischutz said...

Because there's a B in Both.

Sorry. But you have to admit it makes as much sense as Tinsley's straw man's response.

exanonymous said...

At least it's nice to know Panama exists to make our beauty pageant contestants look like geniuses!

CW in LA said...

Michael makes a good point: Tinsley can dream up all the hypothetical scenarios he wants about Obama torturing puppies. But when his boy Bush was torturing people, what did the duck have to say about it? Nothing, as I remember.

I mean, even that other horrible right-wing comic strip, Prickly City, has come out and said that waterboarding is torture, and torture is bad. And given the intellectual and moral climate in today's Republican Party, that takes a certain amount of guts, as anyone straying from Conservative Correct doctrine risks being crushed between Rush Limbaugh's vast butt cheeks.

But Tinsley can claim all he wants that he's some sort of independent-minded "libertarian", but on such fundamental issues as the war and torture, when has he offered the least little dissent from the party line?

Kyle said...

CW in LA, I had mentioned this in another thread recently but the LOLbertarian "movement" has about as much traction as Millard Fillmore's Know-Nothing Party.

Someone else called it "Republicans who want to smoke pot" and that's about right. It seems to consist largely of frat boy types taking five minute breaks from Jagermeister shots to yell about their dads being unfairly taxed.

Or, in the case of loudmouth LOLbertarian public persona Penn Gillette, making YouTube videos about what sheep the right and left both are and following that up by appearing on Glenn Beck.

Anonymous said...

Hate Speech, Miss California, Gay Marriage. So Miss California can be trashed by the liberals and gays because the answer she gave to the question was what she believes? Liberals and gays think this was hate speech and the lady is simply dumb because she does not agree with them.

Do you honestly think the pageant organizers and other judges did not know the faggot was going to ask this question? BTW...who asked the known liberal faggot to judge this beauty contest? Do all of you believe there would have been the same uproar over her answer if Miss California would have been a black lady?

Not everyone supports gay marriage. As I recall the voters of the state of California voted against gay marriage. The left-wing attacks anyone for having a different opinion than their own. So...the gay judge is allowed his opinion and those who disagree are wrong, case closed. are truly pathetic. Liberal, crude and probably gay. Waterboarding could be tried on you, possibly that would help your overall outlook on life.

MartyRotten said...

What's this liberal (couldn't resist) use of the word "faggot" Anonymous? If the judge who asked the question were black and asked how she felt about interracial marriage would you use the "N-word" to describe him?

Patrick said...

Just to be clear, what Carrie Prejean said wasn't hate speech. I didn't agree, and I don't think she expressed it very well, but it certainly wasn't hate speech.

Now, what Anon-troll just said... that was pretty overt hate speech. Not to mention a classic example of an internet tough guy.

GeoX said...

Awesome. Virulently racist AND homophobic. Anonymous coward is like a cartoon version of a Republican. If he were a fictional character, you'd accuse him of being unrealistic.

To answer Marty: no, he wouldn't call anyone a "nigger." He's a virulent racist, yes, but he's too much of a chickenshit to have the courage of his convictions. Homophobic slurs haven't yet become as unacceptable as racial ones, so he feels free to revel in them like a pig in shit. Apologies to pigs and piles of shit.

(one might also suggest, with some justice, that he protests WAY too much)

Or hell, what do I know? Maybe he's just a performance artist trying to make conservatives look bad. If so, well done, I guess, though I'm really not sure what you think you're accomplishing.

CW in LA said...

It is striking, isn't it, how difficult it is for right-wingers like "anonymous" to express themselves without being hateful, insulting, and cowardly.

exanonymous said...

The "f" word used by anon here is hate speech, whether he realizes it or not.

It derives its meaning from the wood used to burn suspected homosexuals at the stake in the past.

The word implies a threat on someone's life. But he's pro-waterboarding everyone on this blog anyways, so I think we know where this troll stands on human rights.

dlauthor said...

He noticed me! He noticed me! It must be love.

Word verification: Scalista. ex., Anonycoward, a known Scalista and Thomasophile, clearly has some fairly deep closeted feelings about other men, which is why he hates the gays so much.