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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That damned Video

What's Mallard raving about today?

Gay Marriage, President Obama.

It's riveting to see someone demonstrate so publicly how little they understand an issue and how limited their intellect is.

Let's review what happened in the event:
  • Pageant Contestant answered question: Freedom of expression.
  • Pageant Judge disliked her answer and gave her low marks: Freedom of expression.
No where in the Constitution does it say that freedom of expression protects you from repercussions if someone disagrees with you. You get to say what you want, but you have to take responsibility for what you say. Want to test that theory, Mallard? Go insult the person who signs your checks.

I also feel compelled to point out that proponents of Gay Marriage, primarily, want the ability to enjoy the same legal protections and rights which accrue to married couples. I am pretty sure that "sanctified" status is not a big concern, seeing that "sanctified" is not a legally enforceable status.

Finally, even if this drivel were taken literally, I am pretty sure President Obama can live with the curse of never becoming Miss USA, since he's a little busy being the President of the United States of America.


exanonymous said...

This is all really bad timing on the part of MF because of the hate crimes bill being put up for vote again.

And naturally, since it is to protect gay people, the neocon crowd has used the word pedophile and supported voting against it.

I guess it's a far worse crime for a judge hired to judge to deny some pretty blonde a tiara than it is to beat a man and hang him up to die just because he's gay.

MToje said...

What a worthless asterisk! As far as I can tell, Tinkley wants us to go to something called "Surfs AP."

dlauthor said...

I bet Anonycoward is whacking it to the image of Obama's penischin right now.

Oh, and Tinshley's a drunken idiot, as usual. Though not as drunk or idiotic as the closet-cases who agree with him.

Rootbeer said...

"Want to test that theory, Mallard? Go insult the person who signs your checks."

I dunno... if management isn't insulted by the quality of work that the author turns in, more than two weeks off-schedule, there may not be anything he could do that WOULD insult them.

rewinn said...

Obama lost MissUSA 2009 for the same reason Miss "Opposite Marriage" did.

Miss North Carolina won both the swimsuit competition AND the gown competition.

Obama's only chance was for Miss North Carolina to bobble the Q&A, but she didn't.

We can disagree as to which of the three is lovelier, but Miss "Opposite Marriage" clearly committed a needless verbal gaffe. This is a COMPETITION and you win by figuring out what wins. Miss USA is a business and spokesdoll ability is a key qualification, especially after the Mendoza/"I Love Gitmo" miniscandal.

Unlike Miss "Opposite Marriage", Obama was not a poor sport and did not go on television blaming the judges for her faulty play.

(P.S. why do reichwingers hate Miss North Carolina?)

Anonymous said...

I'm picturing Tinsley one week ago, with his comics defending Miss California USA ("The only pageant endorsed by Trump!") already at the publishers, when the whole nude photo scandal first comes up.


All that said, my view is this was 1) a stupid question and Perez Hilton only asked it because he's an attention whore, 2) she's perfectly entitled to her personal beliefs and those shouldn't cost her the title, 3) it probably *didn't* cost her the title, because Miss NC was already far ahead, and 4) she garbled her answer, which I don't think you're supposed to do, whatever your views.

Kip W said...

What's Mallard raving about today?If it's Tuesday, the same thing he was raving about yesterday. If it's Wednesday, the same thing he was raving about Monday and Tuesday. And so on.

Like Dennis Miller, he has a personalized set of Mad Libs, and he cuts and pastes a word or phrase in at the beginning of the week, and the rest of it is more or less automatic and can be taken care of by the typesetter.

Anonymous said...

A heads up, the MF on May 21 well be funny!

Michael said...

With all the important things going on, Mallard takes another insignificant side issue and beats it to death. In fact, side issues are all he ever talks about. The comic is like an appetizer sampler dish at Ruth's Chris.

Squid Vicious said...

I'm going to assume the role of the pedant here for a second and point out that regardless of the President's statements on gay marriage, his chances of winning the Miss USA pageant have always been zero. To wit, consider the eligibility rules for the Miss Illinois USA pageant (I can't find Miss DC USA online). Under the universal requirements, the third bullet point requires that every contestant must:

"be a naturally born female [and] a citizen of the United States"

From the wing-nut perspective the President meets neither requirement; from the sane perspective the President doesn't meet the first. So how, pray tell, does Tinkley imagine the President getting into the Miss USA pageant?

WV: pubili - the manner in which Tinkley prefers to drive through the streets of Charlottesville

Jazzbumpa said...

So, what do we have now - a straw contest? I vote for the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

Michael said...

If there were such a contest, Mr. Noseworthy from yesterday's cartoon would surely don the tiara.

Anonymous said...

Order of importance, in ascending order:
Westminster Dog Show
Ms. XXXXXXX Pageants
Home Shopping Network

The whole point of this drivel is to get a bunch of pretty 20-somethings on stage and make them appear perfect and pure and likable. If you fail at being likable, you lose. If Whoever decided to enter the gown contest in hockey goalie attire, she would have lost for that.
I advise right wingers to keep harping on frivolous bullshit centering around their increasingly unpopular social-political positions. Four more years!

rewinn said...

Dear Squid Vicious:

How do you KNOW Obama doesn't satisfy both conditions?

Perhaps Tinkley thinks BirthCertificateGate is all about not WHERE Obama was born but his TRUE GENDER???????!?

Anonymous said...

On one point of rewinn's post today regarding the Miss America pageant, he says "this is a competition and you win by figuring out what wins." He is both right and wrong.

The question which the gay judge asked was to bait her, it was a hot button question, which was the only reason the sweet boy was there. She gave her honest answer to his question but because of it she was trashed.

If she would have lied she may not have won the contest but would not have had to put up with the abuse she has received from the liberals and gays.

During the campaign Obama basically gave the same answer to the same question. Where was the outrage than?

I must say that rewinn was his usual fruity self by continuing to refer to her as Miss "Opposite Marriage." Also, have you heard of any conservative trashing Miss North Carolina or saying they hate her for winning?

As it turns out, if Miss California was in the contest for the notoriety, because of what the lefties have done to her has made her more famous than if she had won. She will probably soon have a book deal and possibly her own TV show. Good for her!

CW in LA said...

"During the campaign Obama basically gave the same answer"??? But I don't remember Obama responding to any questions with a bewildering stream of sanctimonious Palinesque gibberish.

Beyond that: "the gay judge"; "the sweet boy"; "fruity". I do believe I know what anonytroll is even more scared $h!tless of than not being able to hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

rewinn said...

At last! AnonymousCoward shows his man-love for me.

Thank you! It's been a long time coming.

P.S. Difficult questions are the JOB of any public speaker to deal with. Miss Opposite Marriage couldn't handle it, and lost, fair and square. Although, considering that she knew going into the Q&A that she was way behind, it's entirely possible that she deliberately muffed it so she could whine more.

The system worked, since she promptly outed herself as a poor sport.

Kyle said...

Hey Anonymous Liar, can you point me in the direction of this outrage over Miss California? As far as I can tell it's all manufactured by the Right as a cause to whip homophobes such as yourself into a rage. Anything to feel persecuted, right Anonycoward?

Squid Vicious said...

Actually, rewinn, you have a very nice smile. That your face isn't frozen in a grim rictus of congenital hatred for all things not-Amurkan is proof positive that your a cheese-eating poofter from some left-coast stronghold. Which, of course, should be a badge of honor.

Kip W said...

The fact that I have not won the lottery is proof that whoever draws the numbers is prejudiced against me because I'm a truth-teller who speaks his mind and exposes how awful the poor and powerless are.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Murdoch!

Capcha: wined. All it needs is an "h".