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Saturday, May 16, 2009

That damned VFW

What's Mallard raving about today?

Janet Neapolitano, Right Wing Extremists.

One day to address Arlen Specter and Mallard is back to lying about the DHS Report.


Anonymous said...

Who needs rational thought when you have hysterical hyperbole and lies? OBAMA THINKS ALL THE TROOPS ARE TERRU'ESTS!! We know this is fact because he TOTALLY commissioned this report that TOTALLY says that all troops are terrorists!

You see, in Ducky's world, all government employees* are lazy, stupid, incompetent and slow, unless they're attacking everything good and decent in America: at that point they turn into an elite crack team of precision and deadly efficiency.

*The military, representing only the largest and most expensive government program in existence**, is exempt from this. No one knows why.

**Also a shining example of true socialism in action, but that's another post.

BakaHoushi said...

Not pictured: Left-wingers listed in twin report, reality, sense, talent.

exanonymous said...

There is actually good reason that the DHS is more concerned with right wing terrorism and places greater emphasis on it. Historically speaking, the left targets things, the right targets people.

These are the conclusions of the memos from the post-9/11 Bush administration.

And veterans have always been a concern, but what the neocons can't comprehend is that the concern is proportional to the number of veterans who have been in actual combat situations where a heightened state of paranoia is life-saving. This number has been steadily rising the past 8 years.

And, rather inconveniently for the right, left-wing terrorists are less likely to recruit veterans simply because their goals tend to be more environmental where military training isn't needed, something else the Bush administration figured out.

MToje said...

At least Ducky's caricature of Neapolitano is pretty good. The vets, on the other hand, look like retirees from Santa's workshop, clothing notwithstanding.

rewinn said...

The ACTUAL Veterans of Foreign Wars responded "DHS Report Was a Threat Assessment, Not Accusation".

So it's pretty lame for Tinkley to use the VFW in today's "comic". (BTW didn't he serve in the same unit as Rush Limbaugh?)

Larry Scott at VAWatchdog nailed it; the fake outrage is just people trying to get face time on media

CW in LA said...

Somehow I think that, if Tim McVeigh had been with PETA or Earth First, the right wouldn't have completely forgotten he'd ever existed.

exanonymous said...

One can find a list of all terrorist incidents made public up to 2005 here:

Summary of incidents with numbers of injuries and deaths is at the bottom. Maybe if the right is so outraged, they could have a little talk with Rudolph, McVeigh, Smith, Furrow, and Nichols about their tendency to injure and kill people. They should have copied the left and just chosen empty buildings and vehicles as targets.

Jazzbumpa said...

exanon makes an important point. And it relates to what various types might find important.

What's important to conservatives: things.

What's important to progressives: people.

GeoX said...

I would just make the point that I don't think Tinsley is *lying* here, per se--it's just that he has no critical faculties and passively absorbs all his news" from hate radio and faux. I would be amazed if he knew jack-all about DHS reports beyond what they've excreted into his head. The right obviously DOES have movers and shakers who know damn well they're making shit up--but Tinsley ain't one of them. He's just a pathetic, bitter drunk trying to ride their coattails.

Kip W said...

I didn't recognize his target, but I was impressed that the drawing of whoever his liberal strawperson was, she was way more realistic than usual, and not even cross-eyed. I'm guessing he was pressed for time and just traced a photo.

Rev. G said...

Mr. Anon (1st post), I am curious as to what you were hinting at when you wrote that the expensive military is an example of true socialism. I would like very much to understand how this is "true socialism."
Just so you know, I identify as a socialist myself, so I'm not just a crank accusing you of not supporting our troops. I am just unclear on what you mean.

Anonymous said...

It's an absolute government controlled society, is what I mean. Every aspect of your life, what you eat, what you wear, when you sleep, what you do with your day, where you live, what job you do, is dictated almost entirely by the government. Everything is provided and regulated for you by the government. Any free time or personal choices you're allowed to make is granted unto you by the whims of the government. And if you decide to not follow this, you're at best thrown in jail, and at worse tried for treason, depending on how far you want to take this scenario.

Quick overview of what I meant.

wavydavy said...

Anon --

That would be totalitarianism, not socialism -- not at all the same thing.