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Saturday, May 02, 2009

That damned booty

What's Mallard raving about today?

Pirates, Booty.

It's like watching a guy argue with himself because his argument is so incoherent that it only makes sense if he can take both sides.

Tomorrow is Sunday, which means at least one day's respite from this Pirate nonsense.

On the plus side, I won't have too much trouble identifying at least one nominee for Most Interminable Series.


Factinista said...

And here we see one of Mallard's favorite methods for making talking points: taking an argument that practically everyone agrees with him on (e.g. "The pirates were bad for stealing aid") and creating an opposition out of whole cloth just to assume the moral higher ground. He did the same thing when he was whining that people should adopt pound dogs instead of Labrabeagaschnoodles. Utterly pathetic.

NLC said...

Factinista is right, of course.

We need is a new term to replace "Strawman". To call something a "strawman argument" typically means that it has something to do with an opponent's position even it is distorted to the point of the grotesque.

But what do you call an opposing position which -like this-- is simply conjured out of thin air. "Vapoman" perhaps? "Malloman"?

[WV: lumin: A unit of darkness that infiltrates the brain after reading Tinsley's nonsense.]

12xuser said...

Yes, possibly the Worst Straw Man ever. But how about Worst Unintentional Revelation? This whole series looks like the result of a drunken bet Tinsley made that he could get the phrase "tempting booty in front of their noses" past the censors.

rewinn said...

Tinkley's early idea for his "comic": a big nose in tuxedo and cane.

Imagine that illustrating the concept of "..."tempting booty in front of their noses..." !

"Straw Nose": a malformed lump too nonsensical to be a straw man, but weak enough to be kicked by a duck.