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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Golden Ellipses: Most Interminable Series

And the winner is...

Drafting Walter Williams

In the category of "Most Interminable Series" we have the following nominees:


ian said...

i am so tired of republicans useing the phrase "politically correct" to shrug off people who think we should be civil to one another. the reason people don't like the generic representations is that they are sterotypes a lot of the times.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Their whining about "political correctness" is, ironically, the "politically correct" way of saying "my tendency towards ignorant boorishness is no longer socially accepted...bwaaaaaaa pee-pee doo-doo poop!!" There was a time when lynchings and Jim Crow were "politically correct," and were that true today, these yo-yos wouldn't be making a peep about "PC."

For the vote, I'm going with "Fat Chinese Kids Eat Dogs." They're all good picks, but the "Eat" series features:

1. A genuine WTF? massive art failure (I still can't figure that head out!);
2. Dead Horse Beating on a gross level (ironic, given the subject);
3. Desperate provocation for its own sake, preemptively followed by a hypocritically self-righteously indignant reaction to the very indignant reaction for which Tinny was aiming (and gleefully anticipating);
4. The exact sort of America-bashing of which Tinny accuses us stoopid Liberals almost every day;
5. Standard-issue race-baiting parading as "straight talk."

It is quintessential Tinsley.

confused said...

I had to go with Walter Williams -- since it was such a window into Tinny's self-important mind. That and watching the frustrated Howard Dean (speaking of which, why haven't we been treated to that of late?)

NW said...

Dog Eating gets my vote purely because he used Google as a asterick reference.

Gold-Digging Nanny State said...

Hat tips to BillyWitchDoctor and Confused for highlighting the high points of my top two contenders. This is tough. But let me add "fatty" baiting and interminable asterisks (three in one strip!) to the list for Fat Chinese Kids. And one bizzaro point for using Rex Morgan M.D.'s head -- although I think this works in Tinny's favor.

To the Walter Williams strips, may I add the series appears to have been longer than the others (thus more interminable) and includes librul media-bashing, a dead horse (and a false one) in its own right.
Better yet, though, it's ironic. Ironic that Tinny's "groundswell," which he claimed already existed in the strips, never materialized. And ironic that he has a disappointed librul media type complaining that Mallard didn't do the race attacks he promised, when apparently all we had to do is wait a few months for the Fat Chinese Kids Eat Dogs series.

They're connected! Everything is connected!

Eeny Meeny Miney.... Fat Chinese Kids it is. It's just so offensive.

John said...

Probably the "dog eating" one. Not merely for the "just google dog-eating" asterisk, but because I never pictured an anthropomorphic Republican duck citing PETA as a source as well.

Apparently the cognitive dissonance at play here was not quite enough to make Tinsley's head explode with a massive hkpglc.