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Friday, February 01, 2008

Those damned diapers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Adult diapers, Hippies.

We interrupt our continuing rant about the election to bring you this rant about aging hippies and adult diapers. Mallard hasn't had a good rant about hippies since last April, and adult diapers are always funny. So that explains it.


exanonymous said...

Er... there's cool disposable adult diapers on the market?

And what exactly is wrong with that? Regular people wear cool underwear, so what's wrong with the person with poor bladder control wanting something snazzy? It's UNDERWEAR.

The guy on the chair looks like he'd love to have someone so he wouldn't have to break his Mallard-isque slump with feet propped in midair.

factinista said...

New comic's really early tonight. Huh.

Honestly, Tinsley fails to realize that no one exemplifies bitter old people better than he does.

But what else is new?

Michael said...

Why, it's our second president, John Adams! Even he laughs at the folly of hippies.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Tinsley fails to realize that no one exemplifies bitter old people better than he does.

Well YOU sir are WRNOG!!1 Any person with A BRAIN, MORAN knows that TINSLEY maintains a STATE of AGITATION that COMPRESSES his waste MATERIAL into ROCK-HARD (UNGH!!) BITE-SIZE PIECES that ELIMINATE on HIS COMMAND!!



BillyWitchDoctor said...

Aw, I just knew I was forgetting something.

Note to Tinny: when looking for ways to taunt hippies for getting old (what a drag it is), maybe it's best to pick a different topic.

We're talking about, among other things, Diaper Fetishism. That's right folks, according to a trusted inside source, (Republican Senator David) Vitter was well known among other Canal Street Brothel patrons to like diapers as well as other bizarre "fetishes".

ajmilner said...

It's been 40+ years now since the Summer of Love and Tinsley is still obsessed with those damn hippies. This is not a healthy or productive way to spend your time on this earth.

Kaitlyn said...

Hippies may wear flipflops, lord knows I do when I won't lose my toes to frostbite. (If the temperature is going to be that low, we need some damn snow!)

But who reclines, not just sits, in a chair with their flipflops on? They're slip on and off easily.

My point is - I go barefoot in the house, why doesn't the hippie drawing?

The hippie wears shoes while watching TV, but Mallard doesn't.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Kaitlyn said...

BWD - I also read the anime adventures of Afghanistan. (Head cold, head hurts, I'm not looking it up!)

I liked it, though it was surreal. I also liked the memos - learned so much.

Which makes me sad, because we don't learn detailed history of other countries (even our neighbors!) unless they intersect with ours. I guess you can take classes of that nature in college, but they're not exactly part of a 'MAKE LOTS OF MONEY' major. I would imagine.

Kaitlyn said...

Hippies were in their 20s in the 60s. Let's say 20 in '69. It's 2008 - they're only 59! (or thereabouts - less than a decade either way!)

Yes, some may be retiring, but adult diapers? They're in their 60s, not their 80s!

12xuser said...

Tinsley has a point here, though he probably doesn't know it. Modern consumer culture has totally absorbed the rebellious. Nearly every product is pitched as a way to rebel, and nearly every lifestyle is depicted as rebellious. Everyone thinks they are a rebel, from leftist peace marchers to NASCAR fans to corporate CEOs. It's not just ex-hippies who look for the cool, the rebellious. It defines our culture.

There is a great book entitled "Commodify Your Dissent" that lays this out in great detail, showing how modern consumer culture has co-opted all of the methods that were previously used to dissent against that culture.

luke said...

Generation Y person has to ask, is "didn't trust anyone over 30" an actual slogan to describe the hippies, or is Tinsley just throwing random quotation marks around again?

Named After Ham said...

"Don't trust anyone over 30" is a very famous sentiment from the '60s. It reflects the drastic and somewhat sudden generation gap that appeared as the baby boomers came of age. (Or so I'm told. I wasn't there.)

Doing a quick search turns up some amazing results that do a great job of illustrating 12xusers' point that dissent has become a milktoast commodity. My favorite: Don't Trust Anyone Over 30 at the "Mark Logic CEO Blog." Sample text from this scathing screed of anarchy and dissent:

"Relational databases are the destination point in database evolution. There will be no more disruptive change in the database industry. Everything will be accomplished through incremental evolution of the relational model. Darwin is dead."

That sound you hear is Timothy Leary, bawling his eyes out.

rewinn said...

Mallard Fillmore and a rebellion in the diapers..... hmmm .....

Maybe that's why the duck can't wear pants!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! People are older now then they were 45 years ago! You've been ZINGED, America! WHOOO~!

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