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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Those damned Agencies

What's Mallard raving about today?

Rodent readers, Agencies.

One of the products of Mallard's fevered imagination finally contains a kernel of truth! If I had to read this comic strip for 72 hours straight, I would die young...and probably by my own hand.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Stupid Federal government! Protecting people from things that harm them! Is this where my hard-earned tax dollars go? Keeping people alive, educating them, and maintaining the society in which they live? Psh! They deserve all the ridicule a talent-free selfish drunkard can muster!

exanonymous said...

I'm confused.

Tinsley made labrats read his comic?

So that's why he thinks he has fans!

GeoX said...

Fortunately, we won't be needing that regulatory agency, since nobody except cynical liberals actually reads MF, and only in five or ten-second bursts.

factinista said...

As a citizen of an extremely red state, Geox, I'd like to say: You'd be very surprised.

Kaitlyn said...





Though it's just about how the government regulates things that can harm living creatures. Which is bad.

Unless he's talking about the comic regulation stuff from the '50s, but that was about morality and decency and won't somebody think of the children? and not obesity and early death(by what, papercuts?).

But still.

This must be nominated for something next year and it better win.

confused said...

If they're reading for 72 hours straight, that implies they're not eating. Therefore, I have to assume that reading Mallard for 72 and doing nothing else leads to death.

Suddenly I'm a little worried -- is Mallard a toxin that builds up over time, or one that your body can flush out if taken in small doses? If it's the former, all of us are in grave danger...

...I have noticed I've put on a little weight lately...

dlauthor said...

No, no, no. Everyone knows that, in the world according to Mallard, you don't do ANY leisure activity without sitting in a shapeless chair-couch-beanbag-thing, with a box of indistict Snackfood within reach.

So is he railing against anything in particular here, like transfat bans, or is this just a random drunken whine?

Anonymous said...

Random drunken whine.

NLC said...

There's gotta be some obvious joke here about "the effects of lab rats ingesting h****s**t" but making a cheap, trite joke about MF cartoon just seems too meta for me right now.