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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

That damned convolution

What's Mallard raving about today?

Hillary Clinton, Sexism, Convolution.

I'd like to focus on the fact that making stuff up and trying to pass it off as commentary is a more condescending and convoluted campaign against one's readers than a Presidential campaign in which the candidate has never said anything like what's being attributed to her by a delusional waterfowl.

But I am too disturbed by the fact that Condi Rice's lips appear to have migrated to Hillary's face and have to go lie down.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

True, DaveyK, Hillary has never said anything like what Tinny's attributing to her--but recently, one of our anonymous trolls has, and similarly tried to put other words into her mouth.

The thought that Tinny may be trolling D&C excites me enormously.

Still whether Tinny and "anonymous" are the same person or not, they remain astonishingly inept liars.

confused said...

Not to mention they write very awkward sentences. That 'not voting for'...'no reason' construct; ow. Comes close to making the poetry look good.

Wait, no. It's not that bad.

Anyway, I'm not going to vote for Hillary until she promises to stop eating puppies!

dlauthor said...

More likely that this is some right-wing lunatic meme -- like the whole "affirmative action is reverse racism!!!1!1!!" nonsense.

Anyway, he seems to have shifted from drawing Hillary-as-Condi to drawing Hillary-as-Maggie Thatcher. Perhaps one day he'll draw Hillary-as-Hillary, rather than reverting to his conservative masturbatory fantasy women. Ideally before we see the frightening Hillary-as-Coulter mutation.

12xuser said...

I doubt that Clinton would ever say that. I might say that, because I'd probably cut some slack to someone who wanted to include a candidate because of gender, where I would be critical to someone who wanted to exclude a candidate because of gender. But of course, I'm not running for President, and Clinton is way too smart to have something like that show up on Fox News.

luke said...

I actually have seen people display the admittedly weird hypocrisy Tinsley is pointing out here, but never from Clinton herself (he should have used one of his generic butch lesbian feminists). And I've never seen anyone use the word "enlightened" to describe it. It's strips like these where Tinsley reminds me of a little kid trying to make an argument; he kind of has all the pieces THERE in the back of his mind, but putting them together coherently is beyond him.

luke said...

Also, if that troll was Tinsley, then it's pretty hilarious he has to pussyfoot around and pretend to be a liberal ("I'm no fan of MF's politics"). Way to be bold, Tins.

Michael said...

"Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

john said...

As usual, I just disagree with the entire premise of the cartoon. When both candidates are qualified, the fact that she is a woman COULD tip the scales in her favor, since it would be an unprecedented and, quite frankly, way overdue bit of progress for our country. That's totally different then deciding that someone should NOT be president because they're a woman (unless you thought she was the worse candidate but were ONLY voting for her for that reason. But I doubt her supporters see it that way).

luke said...

"unless you thought she was the worse candidate but were ONLY voting for her for that reason. But I doubt her supporters see it that way"

Well, there was this article on Salon that basically boiled down to that, but I'm hoping it's a limited viewpoint.