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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

That damed tsunami

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton.

Today's panel does not, as near as I can tell, contain even a shred of resemblance to anything occurring in the real world.

One would be tempted to accuse Mallard of lying, but when you remember that he gets all his news and opinions from Fox and Rush Limbaugh, it's no longer quite fair to accuse him of outright falsehood. Instead let's go with useful idiot.


bikerdude said...

I posted this yesterday, but in case anyone didn't see it.

Want to see a cartoon by someone who REALLY hates Hillary? See Glenn McCoy

(Note the armbands on the barbers)

BillyWitchDoctor said...

In reality, the exact opposite has happened; Obama has been complaining ad nauseum that Billary is ganging up on him. (Sorry your own spouse is a liability to your campaign, Barack--but that's not the Clintons' fault.)

Point is, Tinny's wrong again. ...Shock and surprise, amirite?

exanonymous said...

Tinsley likes Obama!
Tinsley likes Obama!

exanonymous said...

re: Glenn McCoy

I always find it amusing when someone writes their own little blurb like that. "right on the mark". Uh... sure, if that's how you feel good about yourself. Any halfwit can run into a room and scream "communism!" It's an old ploy to get sheep to stampede.

rewinn said...

Let's be positive!

Homeschoolers can use today's comic to explain the relationship between earthquakes, tsunamis and The Dread Giant Clinton:

"Bill Clinton is so powerful that if he jumped up and down, he would trigger a fault slip far out in the ocean! That could massively displace a cubic mile of water that would make a wave to travel thousands of miles and wreak havoc on millions."

They fear him that much!

Or, maybe the duck just thinks that tsunami is Japanese for "earthquake".

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I loathe Glenn McCoy--just the same "Hillary is evil/Bill is a womanizer/Hillary is fat and ugly" "jokes" over and over again. I don't even get this one--I'm assuming it's related to her health care plan, but I can't quite make the connection.

I'm trying to avoid pop-commentary on election stuff. Is today's MF related to anything that's actually happened? Wasn't there recently a MF strip that involved Hillary as the bratty child?

Michael said...

Bill has some incredible flexibility.