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Thursday, February 07, 2008

That damned rhyme scheme

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton.

Wow. Just...Wow. This ranks as Mallard single worst rhyme scheme ever. No contest. And that is saying something.

Not to mention that he still manages to be shocked by political attacks, but only when they come from the Clintons.


Michael said...

You are right, DaveyK. Holy crap.

That gives me an idea: Duck and Cover should have an awards ceremony at the end of 2008, with different categories. This would certainly have the lead in "Worst Rhyming Scheme". There could be monthly awards as well. I get this idea from Hot Chicks with Douchebags.

I wonder if the Oscar-Meyer chin on Barack will slowly develop into a full-fledged penis chin.

luke said...

Yeah, or like what This Week in Milford did.

To be fair, Tinsley's readerbase (if such a thing exists) probably won't notice the rhyme thing. I'd guess they're the same group of assholes who pronounce Vietnam with a short A.

factinista said...

Look on the bright side. At least we aren't being subjected to Fat Naked Cupid Mallard like last year.

But then again, it's still a week before Valentine's Day, and we all know that Tinsley never fails to disappoint.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Speaking of political attacks, I wonder if or when Mallard will turn both barrels on John McCain, that dirty no-good cowardly war veteran*.

It's hilarious to watch the GOP fumbling about now, trying to decide who they want for President: the "heathen" Mormon, the evangelical nutjob Baptist who wants to rewrite the Constitution to "reflect God's standards," or the war hero they merrily and viciously swiftboated for the sake of chickens**t chickenhawk George W. Bush, who has left us in such a fine mess. No matter what, they're going to have to eat some serious crap, and they'll still lose.

And yet Republican concern trolls are still appearing in the letters to the editor and in blogs, warning us that Hillary can't possibly win because she's too "polarizing." Snark!

*Sarcasm. I can think of many reasons why McCain shouldn't be President, but my list of such reasons and the GOP's list are polar opposites.

rewinn said...

Once again, lazy writing ruins the comic.

I don't agree with Tinny's politics, but he could at least have made today's comic funny if he weren't too afraid (...or just too lazy ...) to write at a high-school level. English has the largest vocabulary of any language; generating doggerel that scans is trivial ... for a writer who cares about quality.

But ... today's strip reveals an even deeper real issue: chins!.

Villains in this script almost always have outsized chins. The duck OTOH has no chin at all.

What dread thing happened to Tinsley ... in his past ... involving a chin?