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Friday, February 22, 2008

Those damned tears

What's Mallard raving about today?

Britons, Americans, Winston Churchill, Sherlock Holmes...the list goes on. But he's really just raving about Hillary Clinton.

Seriously, Mallard, why this massive amount of nonsense text simply to take a swipe at Hillary Clinton?

Show some guts and show some honesty and just put a big buck-toothed caricature of her on the page and proudly label it: I hate this fucking woman.


factinista said...

After a brief search on the Mail's website, the article in question is not about Britons knowing whether Churchill existed, but what he did. It also said zilch about Robin Hood or any of those people. Good job with that fact-checking, Tinsley.

exanonymous said...

Mallard might have a point


following had actually taken place:

Hillary Clinton wet-faced red-eyed bawling while grabbing the camera from the press to do close-ups and howling in abject misery screaming to vote for her or she'll kill herself. Maybe scream and kick the floor a little. Like Chris Crocker.

In Tinsley world, that is what happened.

Youtube has her crying there for all to see. I'd have to say, I wasn't impressed. It was actually kind of boring.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I will occasionally beat a dead horse.

Tinsley will frequently beat a dead horse, leave it for a week, then come back and pound it some more until there'd be nothing but bone fragments and a gooey paste...if the horse were real, and not just a figment of his delirious imagination.

Maybe he thinks that's how cheese is made.

12xuser said...

Mmmmm . . . horse cheese.

In Tinsley's world, Clinton's little choked-up moment was a calculated ploy to work on the feelings of the New Hampshire voters and make them vote for her. In reality, between the "tears" and the vote, there was no consensus on what effect they would have on the election. Did it show her human side or her weakness as a female? It was only after she won the primary that the Right started claiming that it was a cynical ploy.

Kaitlyn said...

Make the mean man stop! His stupid cartoons make me confused.

Anonymous said...

RE: Make the mean man stop!

Don't worry, if Senator Obama beats Senator Clinton in Texas or Ohio then two weeks later Tinsley might stop bashing Hillary - and start on Barack. Then again...

ianrey said...

The weird thing is, watching the video, there simply were no tears. There was emotion, but it was a frustrated sigh at best. So, those of us here in the reality-based community saw that the tears, in the sense of existence, were not real, but the emotion obviously was. But, in TinsLimbOreiHanniCoulter world, the tears WERE real, in that they claim they existed, but at the same time WEREN'T real, in the sense that the emotion was false. And that is exactly what Orwell called doublethink, and those are exactly the people whom he was warning us about.

Kaitlyn said...

I saw the sobbing on the Daily Show, I think after they played a bunch of news clips about the nervous breakdown.

I get more weepy watching a dog die on tv.