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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Meta-Post: Awards

Per a great suggestion from Michael in yesterday's comments, let's look back fondly at Mallard's 2007 and have the first annual {still to be named} Awards!

Post suggestions for good award categories in the comments! Or a suggestion for a good name for the awards.


ooasolqv said...

How about the Noseworthies?

dlauthor said...

My vote's to call them the "Confits".

Michael said...

Some categories:
Worst Rhyming Scheme
Least Accurate Caricature
Too Much Booze
"Jon Stewart" Award for Most Thinly Veiled Bigotry
Least Disagreeable Cartoon
I Hate Hillary
Cartoon of the Year

ajmilner said...

How about "The Fillmosts"?

ian said...

best oversimplification would be a good category.

Named After Ham said...

Most Phallic Facial Feature?

devin said...

"Best blaming a democrat for something that Bush or other prominent Republican have flagrantly done the past seven years."

"Best stretching of one idea into a week's worth of content"

I'm also going to award myself "worst portmanteau" by suggesting they be called the "Mawards"

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Award names:
The Tinnies
The Tin Duckies
The Chantels
The Rotten Eggs

Most Blatant Hypocrisy
Most Poorly-Disguised Bigotry (tip to Michael)
Creepiest Unintentional Self-Revelation
Least Accurate Caricature (Michael again)
Least Effort In Artwork
Most Incompetent Use Of Text

factinista said...

We could call the awards the "Golden Ellipses," since he loves to overuse those so much.

12xuser said...

Flimsiest Straw Man
Most Incoherent
Biggest "Two Week Delay" Oops
Worst Distortion of Cited Source
Most Actually Funny (Relative to the Usual Crap, Of Course)

The Golden Asterisks
The Ellipses . . . .

Rebochan said...

Award name:
The Boozies

Most Confusing Strip
Worst Pop Culture Reference

Kaitlyn said...

Most Confusing, Too Much Booze - those just mean Most WTF.

So that category should be named after the Angry Sun and the sun could be used somehow.

I think it's fun to make up award names and categories, but it'll be torture to look at them all and remember them long enough to compare them to others.


Good luck with that.

rewinn said...

The Dead Duckies

Dave Robidenza said...

Based on Mallard's semi-namesake:

The 13s or variation thereof (since Millard F. was the 13th president)

The Know-Nothings (after Millard F.'s failed 1856 presidential bid)


The Pressed Ducks
The Drunk Ducks
The Canards (the French word for duck but also defined in Webster's as "a false or unfounded report or story; especially : a fabricated report; a groundless rumor or belief") Or The False Canards
The Quack-ups
The Downdies
Pâté de Fois Ivre (Paste of Drunk Duck Liver)