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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Those damned Britons

What's Mallard raving about today?

Britain, Education, Winston Churchill.

Alternately, this study might give rational adults hope that a certain idiot waterfowl will examine the data and come to the more reasoned conclusion that in any population a certain number of people are going to be ignorant, no matter what the education system is or does.


exanonymous said...

I googled "winston churchill survey britons"

Top article: FOXnews. Ignored.
Next up: yahoo article. Page links include virgin mary pretzel. Ignored.
Next: Article by Daily Mail. Cited as source for Fox News. Ignored.

Now the interesting one next: Churchill voted greatest Briton.

Let's compare. 1/4 of 3,000 (the number surveyed for the myth figures) is 750. 750 people believe Churchill never existed
The total number of votes for Churchill being the most influential Briton is ||drum roll||

Yep. 750 people think he never existed, and 447,423 think he was one of the most influential men alive.

Conclusion Tinsley-style: Britons are dumb. 750 > 447,423, right? Tinsley's education is superior because he knows best.

Kaitlyn said...

Thank you ex, for googling what I am too chicken to google.

Why does he keep harping on Robin Hood? (I love the Disney version - he's foxy!)

And Eleanor Rigby? I love the Beatles, I love that song, but sheesh.


Churchill was not.

And why can he attack his own country's intelligence and be called a patriot? (Hey, Mallard. You're right, Americans are dumb. Bush is a 2 term president. Ha!)

I need sleep.

john said...

Lay off of Britain, you great fat git!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

...And yet, the intelligence of the smattering of people who believe in the Grand Cowfart and Evil Sun Theories of Global Warming Which Isn't Even Real Anyway is sacrosanct.

What's Tinny's solution to a poorly educated populace? Slashing education funding, no doubt--after all, the Laffer Curve proves that would increase revenue!!

(That's the best caricature Tinny's done in ages. Probably traced it sober.)

factinista said...

Is Tinsley really planning to rant for days on end about a survey whose results he obviously made up?

...Wait. What am I saying? Of course he is.

exanonymous said...

He didn't make up the results.

It was a real survey. The word "real" is stretching it however. It comes from one of Briton's TV stations, had a sampling of 3,000 people, but refuses to say anything beyond results (like what questions were asked, who was called)

Briton contains 59 million people. I find it quite a stretch that a survey conducted by people who were quite likely looking for the results they posted would have 1/4 of those people not believing in Winston Churchill throughout the entire country.

I have the feeling this is very much like Jaywalking. You pick the dumb drunks after sampling out the people who would be boring (and correct) and focus on them. You give the impression it's a fair sampling by simply awarding the most air time to the idiots.

But it's not. It would not sell if the viewers, a much larger population than the actual surveyed consist of, found it funny, sad, and felt superior as a result.

Tinsley, the same reason you love that survey is the same reason we read you.

rewinn said...

What I found amusing is the implication that it is somehow shocking that people under 20 don't know as much as older people.

Most of us, as we grow older, learn more stuff! You know, by reading history et cetera.

But not, it appears, in Tinsleyworld.

factinista said...

He didn't make up the results.

I should have used the word "distorted" instead, I suppose. The article I saw on the Mail's website said it was about people not knowing what Churchill did.

NW said...

Did your google search happen to turn up anything about Britons eating dogs?

Andrew said...

Does anyone know where the original source of this survey can be found? As a Briton I'd like to believe my countrymen are less ignorant than the Daily Mail suggests. The top article I found on googling is this :,
which apparently isn't the one some of the people here have read, as it says the respondents claimed Churchill wasn't real.