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Friday, February 29, 2008

Golden Ellipses: Most Mystifying Panel

And the winner is...

The Golden Flash

In the category of "Most Mystifying Panel" we have the following nominees:


factinista said...

"The Golden Flash." At least with the other ones you can sorta-kinda tell what the point being made is.

But that one... Seriously, what?

ian said...

Recycled Dolphins, cecause it's so strange

BillyWitchDoctor said...

"Golden Flash." With the others, like Factinista said, you can glean what Tinny intended--be it lame gag, or, in the case of "Recycled Dolphins," childish attempts to provoke readers.

The best I can come up with regarding "Flash" is that someone bet Tinny couldn't hide a certain racial slur in a strip and get away with it. (I know it's a real name, and I know Tinny's scrawling is forever sloppy as hell, but that "W" looks more like "afterthought" than "deliberate.")

If it was supposed to be about socialized medicine, I congratulate Tinny on his most awesome megafail ever.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for the Golden Flash, for the same reason as factinista and Billy. Seriously, Brucie, what the jumping wzkeplu?

12xuser said...

It was a close call between the Golden Flash and Recycled Dolphins for me. The Flash is more out-of-the-blue pure WTF, but the Dolphin strip looks like it is trying to make a political point, only to fail utterly to make any sense. As I commented when this originally ran, anyone with half a brain could come up with half a dozen "moderate environmentalist" jokes in under two minutes.

Kaitlyn said...

Golden Flash.

still makes no sense, though it hasn't even been 3 months since it ran.

Maybe it will make more sense in 3 years?