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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Those damned rebates

What's Mallard raving about today?

Taxes, Rebates, the Poor.

The reason you can't contemplate it, Mallard, is that you're a shortsighted reactionary idiot.

The point of the economic stimulus package is not to be fair, but to inject money into the economy to stave off a recession.

Someone who gets a rebate and puts it into the bank provides no such benefit to the economy. Those who fall so far below the poverty line that the don't pay taxes will inject that money back into the economy with great certainty.

But don't that interfere with that most cherished of all your values: hatred of poor people. WWJD, indeed?


ian said...

the tinz has done anti-rebate stripes a bunch of times before, and the economic stimulus will only delay a economic collapse

factinista said...

Does getting $600 really matter that much to a middle-class white guy like Tinsley?

Wait a minute. Did he actually criticize President Bush? I guess even his belief that the man's infallible can't compete with his hatred of taxes.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Well, now that Li'l Dubbie has fallen from The Reincarnation Of Ronald Raygun Praise Be His Name to Oh, Hey, These Policies Are Hurting ME ME ME ME ME, it's okay to whale on him even if you're a Republican--so long as you still love tax cuts n'war.

And Tinny has gone after Bush in the past. He once accused him of "spending like a drunken Democrat," which is funny for three reasons Tinny didn't intend; (1) Bush is an alcoholic; (2) Tinny is an alcoholic; (3) the last "drunken Democrat" who signed off budgets...oh, I'm beating a dead horse, aren't I? And even if Tinny's wasn't so fried upstairs from the booze that he could comprehend that, he still wouldn't admit it because it violates his religion.

Similarly, there's many reasons why the "rebates" are a bad idea (it's Bush's masters' way of staving off economic collapse until he's out of office AND drop an even larger deficit disaster into the lap of whomever replaces him...who they will promptly blame for said disaster)--but "screw the poor" isn't one of those reasons.

What? No mention of how the dirty Dems wanted more of that money for veterans, Tinny? Freedom isn't free, you little turd, but talk is cheap--even cheaper than your "Mallentines."

exanonymous said...

Wait, is the government just randomly mailing out 600$ tax rebate checks?

I was under the impression a rebate by definition involved paying the money in the first place. You then get the money back up to the amount you paid.

Checking the rules:
All those making under 3,000 are disqualified.
Those making 3,000 but do not make enough to pay taxes will get 300.
Old people on social security get nothing.
Less than 75,000 you get a rebate up to 600, or the amount you paid in taxes, whichever is less.
Couples just double the numbers for all but the 3,000$ requirement.
It decreases 5% per dollar or something like that above 75,000.

So basically to see money, you can't be an old person who needs it, you have to at least be a single person working at a crap minimum wage job part time a year to earn a measley 300$ extra, and you only get what you paid in taxes back if you did pay taxes.

Paranoia if he thinks that's a grossly huge group of people there stealing Tinny's rightful tax money. The only people getting "free" money are those making between 3,000 and 8,750, and they have no taxes simply because they get the same deductions everyone else gets to use when filing taxes.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Exanonymous: Shame on you! Using reason and facts, when you know they have no place in Tinsworld!

12xuser said...

Maybe he's criticizing Bush for the sham of calling it a rebate so that it can be pitched as a Republican-approved "tax cut", rather than an evil liberal "welfare check".

Scanman said...

Mallard is just an unlucky ducky, because it's only the "lucky duckies" that make less than 12,000 grand who pay no taxes.....that is if you don't count Social Security payments as taxes.

They only count as taxes when you're rich.

rewinn said...

Let's see ...

"These limericks, not fresh and not tart, with
No rhythm or humor, depart with
That the Command from Above
That your Neighbor you Love;
But Tinsley, alas, has no Heart with."


It took 7 minutes to do a limerick that scans, using Tinsley's own rhyme scheme, but all new words.

I hope I get extra credit for not using "fart with"

Kaitlyn said...

"math's something I'm not too smart with"?

He's not a good enough poet to put rhyme above reason!

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but did he not blather on about a year ago about the stupidity of the people who didn't have to pay taxes by April 15th and got a refund, because they said they didn't pay taxes?

They were stupid - to him - because they do pay taxes, can't they see what democrats are doing?

Michael said...

Lucky Ducky!

Scanman said...

thanks Michael I was hoping someone would do the link to that comic strip..


HaHa That's gold!