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Friday, February 29, 2008

That damned underwear

What's Mallard raving about today?

Underwear, crying.

I'm disturbed to learn that Mallard equates change with wearing underwear on his head.


factinista said...

Just when it seemed that Mallard could not top the stupidity of failing to realize his ineligibility to run, being a Libertarian, now he is doing things that appeal (in Tinnyworld anyway) to Democrats. And I reiterate, what a moron.

To be honest, I doubt that the Republicans are as dissatisfied with McCain as Mallard and his ilk would like us to believe. After all, they did vote for him, even in closed-primary states like Florida.

Michael said...

I have to admit, I like this story arc of Mallard talking to his horribly deformed creator.

If this is an excuse as to why they found Tinny crying in a subway station with underwear on his head, I'm not buying it.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

You stupid people, wanting change! Why would you want change? Things are totally awesome right now!

Ironically, Mallard's underwear (?) is more full of s**t this way.

Speaking of poo-poos: ew, thumblabial handanus with a pencil stub jammed in it. It gets more obscene every time I see it.

You know, I can't picture smug, callous-bastard Mallard crying. I can picture Tinsley bawling his fool head off, though--his face all beet-red and screwed up like that of a colicky baby, as he wails and shrieks like a banshee with its junk caught in a car door. I bet it happens a lot.

That makes me smile.

dlauthor said...

I'm sure the Tinz snivels a great deal when forced to blow into a Breathalyzer.

Incidentally, anyone been reading Prickly City the past few days? It must be making Tinshley's head explode, what with the being opposed to torture and all.

Adam said...

So this is like Duck Amuck only, you know, not good at all.

exanonymous said...

Ah, yes, the keen intelligent juxtaposition of something a democrat did with something equally ridiculous that a democrat did not do.


If you took a survey you wouldn't really find a single voter who voted for Hillary in the primaries because she cried. Besides... PHOTOS, Tinsley, or admit that it wasn't half the threat you thought it was.

As for the underwear on his head, that's not the change Democrats are purposing and he knows it. Couldn't he at least take 3 seconds to google what they're actually debating about and spoof on that? I mean, for gawds sake if you're going to martyr yourself as the poor lil true conservative in a big evil libural world, at least look like you know what those you oppose are about.

Wait, too hard.

exanonymous said...

Bah, proposing not purposing.

Scanman said...

Of course he put underwear on his head, he has no clue where he should wear iT!