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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That damned asterisk

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Smithsonian, Global Cooling.

As a public service to readers of this blog, I am going to help you find the information Mallard is talking about, which is on

Having not been to the Smithsonian, I am unwilling (unlike Mallard) to comment on two items found on exhibits but taken out of their context and presented in isolation.

What is, however, fairly interesting to me is that "Scientists" have clearly joined the list of groups under attack from Mallard as small-minded bigots. The criteria for appearing on said list...hold a different opinion than one held by Mallard. Make of that what you like.


factinista said...

You notice that when a character is thinking to themselves that the comic always follows the same formula?

Panel 1: Character is reading/contemplating something "shocking".

Panel 2: Character looks at reader.

Panel 3: Character walks away from reader.

Except that it doesn't necessarily have to go in that order, thanks to the miracle of bad writing.

BillyWitchDoctor said... is an infamous collection of right-wing dingdongs; this is one small example of their delusional stupidity.

So naturally Tinny loves them; birds of a feather and all that.

eljsyi said...

I thought that asterisk said "John McCain" at first. What the hell.

confused said...

I'm a small-minded bigot.

Ahh. That felt good.

12xuser said...

What caught my eye: "Mr. Bennett is the newest Julian Simon Fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center, the nation's oldest and largest institute dedicated to free-market environmentalism."

"Free-market environmentalism" is the biggest oxymoron since "military justice" or "compassionate conservative".

Rebochan said...

Townhall. Why am I not surprised?

Oh, and the anti-intellectualism? Also not a surprise.

Come on Tinny, give me something *new*. Or at least a new hideous charicature.

Kaitlyn said...

I thought it said John McCain too!

And that makes it funny, so John McCain it is. Ya'll are part of a right-wing hate group, yes indeed.

Did anyone notice the display of subtlety? The scientist's head... comes to a point. Wonder what we're supposed to think of him!

Back in the real world, I have been exposed to ::gasp:: liberal propaganda in the class room! (lecture hall, whatever)

This so-called "nurse" kept going on and on about how insurance companies here are for-profit, and how we'll never have a decent dialog on the subject if we don't admit that! And that the US is the only rich, developed nation with no guaranteed healthcare for its citizens!

Oh, sure, she admitted that the HilaryCare over in Europe (Europe!) isn't perfect, and there are some good parts to our system.

But still.

Communists teaching nursing classes! THE HORROR! Mallard, help!

(To all those who say Canada, the UK, Germany, whoever don't have perfect systems, I say "I won't be turned away for a pre-existing condition!")

rewinn said...

The Smithsonian is a museum, not a science lab. Why would a scientist pay any attention to its findings?

Perhaps the duck is trying for some sort of absurdist humor.

Anonymous said...

The scientist reminds me of the one from last April's strips about the scientific consensus being dictated by Hollywood. (As opposed to the Mallard consensus, which is pulled out of his fnxdrj.) In the absence of dialogue calling him a dupe of the liberal media, Tintype just strongly implies it and gives Straw Scientist a hooknose.

exanonymous said...

The Smithsonian institute does research as well. I know, I applied there once.

That should basically tell you though why it might have "a display" on global cooling. It hires scientists to research things, and displays their research. It would be an idiotic research facility if it didn't hire scientists who disagreed with current theory/consensus/research whatever, because no progress is made if we just assumed the world was flat.

Doesn't make them right though just because they disagree. Nor does it make it good science.

Besides, I read something about the SUN going through its cooling period. I knew some idiots who translated that to mean the globe is undergoing the same thing.

Michael said...

His genitals, according to the last panel, don't seem to understand how science works.

Kaitlyn said...

It *does* say John McCain

Why does it say John McCain?

BillyWitchDoctor said...

His genitals, according to the last panel, don't seem to understand how science works.

Okay, now that I've finished cleaning my monitor (snerk)...either that's his labcoat, or he dresses to the far left (further revealing his liberal leanings!!1).

It *does* say John McCain

As best I can tell, it's "John McCaslin." I'm not about to Google it, or worse revisit to confirm it (which just proves whut a close-minded, ignor'nt libural I be bein'), but I'm pretty sure Tinny won't touch McCain with a ten-foot pole right now because he's "not a real conservative" (translation: "not a neo-con fundie whack-job").

Kaitlyn said...

I now see the s and l between the a and i in the citation.

I had to turn my laptop sideways to get it.

I thought my handwriting sucked.

And I thought you - bwd - confirmed that it was McCain at first.