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Monday, May 04, 2009

Those damned Right Wingers

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Right Wingers, Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez walked up to President Obama, shook his hand, and handed him a book. President Obama accepted the handshake and the book.

In Right Wing calculus, this is coddling and appeasement because President Obama did not punch Chavez in the face, burn the book, and then disappear Chavez to be water boarded.

Not to mention that they have absolutely no idea what Appeasement actually refers to, as none of their comparisons to appeasement are accurate.

Infantile and rage-driven...and these clowns ran this country.


dragoknight14 said...

And what was the reaction Obama was supposed to have? Was he supposed to sock the guy? Was he supposed to do a little dance, what? Yeah, Che isn't exactly a friend to our nation but our leader is supposed to conduct himself as a statesmen not as some drunken fratboy looking for an excuse to fight.

In the realm of international politics, especially with areas that are sensitive, it's better to be light subtle and reasonable. Allies, or at least non-obstructionists/non-enemies are necessary in a world where we face global threats like terrorism and our economy is so intimately bound into a global web.

I don't like the Saudi royals because of how they treat their people, I also think that the South Korean government is too Authoritarian with its citizens, that doesn't mean that I think that our leaders should mistreat or behave inappropriately in meetings with them.

Like it or not, we are all in this together, we can't hide from the world so we have to make it the best we can and we need to start soon.

exanonymous said...

Well, at least Mallard Fillmore was a little better than when Ralph Peters implied they were having sex in the hotel. Unintentionally.

Wait, nevermind. That was funnier!

I don't think Obama was supposed to punch him in the face. Bush code involves shoulder massages, holding hands, and kissing.

BakaHoushi said...

Remember, kids, when you talk to other countries, you're giving Hitler a blowjob.

Chyron HR said...

"When Rumsfeld shook Saddam's hand, it may have looked like he was coddling and appeasing him... but he was really just stealing his foreign policy."

Rootbeer said...

Tinsley would rather that America's economy collapse entirely than admit there could be something to be learned from what other countries have done!

12xuser said...

Coddling and appeasing at the same time? Our new President is one talented guy.

dlauthor said...

Righties like Tinshley would rather the president not make contact with any brown people, ever. Except the Saudi royals, and even in that case they prefer the prez not get past second base.

Word verification: "orilie." How Bush greeted said Saudi royalty.

Raynfala said...

I think Tinsley felt that Obama should've used his chin to poke Chavez in the eye instead.

rewinn said...

Venezuela's main economic secret is having oil reserves comparable to Saudi Arabia. If Obama were to steal that, surely Tinkly would object to him invading an oil-rich country that is no threat to us.

(Has Tinkley ever done a "comic" on Iraq? Is there one other political cartoonist so cowardly on the subject?)In related news: if it were put to a vote, the American people would approve of taking a large share of the oil industry's profits for public use, even if it made us look a little bit Chavez-like.

That is, after all, how Sarah Palin funds the checks she sends to Alaskans.

BakaHoushi said...

As I recall, Tinsley has gone on the record as saying that "The media has done enough on Iraq" or something to that effect. So he's going after other matters which matter to us, like Ted Kennedy.

Jazzbumpa said...

rewinn -

Tinkley is not cowardly on Iraq. He has the courage of his conviction that everything the Cheney-Bush admin did was 100% correct.

WV: chopo. What B. Hussein O should have done to Chavie's kidney

Michael said...

Actually, no: Tinsley is a coward. As previously discussed, Tinsley claims he never supported the war, yet has never expressed that sentiment in his cartoons.

Kyle said...

RE: Tink and Iraq

I remember seeing an MF (never were there more apropos initials) wherein Mallard claims to be a libertarian. Much like the libertarians I know in real life, Tinsley shows no outrage over Iraq. This supports my ultra-scientific hypothesis that there's really only about 100 actual libertarians in America: the rest are Republicans trying to come off as edgy or hip.

Madpuppy said...


The most accurate description I've heard is that a Libertarian is a Republican that wants to smoke pot.