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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Those damned Extremists

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, The Department of Homeland Security, Veterans.

The audacity of the lies is just stunning. Not one thing in this panel is truthful.


Michael said...

Are you reading your newspaper on the weight lifting bench again? Come on dude, I only have one more set!

Factinista said...

Funny how people like Timothy McVeigh seem to be conveniently forgotten about at times like this.

Oh, and why is Mallard reading a newspaper when he's (apparently) anchoring the news?

NLC said...

Our gracious host nails it exactly. There is not a single thing in this panel that is truthful.

I've asked it before, and I'll ask it again:
How does junk like this actually get published? What is King Features thinking?

Rootbeer said...

I presume King Features is thinking "hundreds of newspapers actually pay us for the right to print this dreck, and all we have to do is send a deadline reminder and a case of whiskey to the cartoonist every three weeks?"

Anonymous said...

The Beltway sniper was also ex-military.
And there's been absolutely NO evidence that anyone anywhere in the US is getting violent because they're worried about immigration, or white extinction, or the government trying to take away their precious guns. Not even one incident of cops being murdered or people going on shooting rampages in non-white neighborhoods.
Hey! HEY! Stop going to Google! OBAMA'S A SOCIALISSSTT!T!!!!

I know conservatives like to pretend that anything and everything even half related to the US military is infallible and demi-godlike in every respect.

Reality is, when you take a bunch of people, and train them to be efficient killing machines (triply so after you actually use them in combat), you should probably keep an eye on them after you let them back into society.
And given how the military is now accepting convicted felons and gang members into their ranks, that multiplier gets even higher.

rewinn said...

King Features publishes this, I would suspect, as sort of a boutique comic for a very specialized audience. Not only is the target audience extremely reichwing, it's also about 3 weeks behind on the news.

What is remarkable is that the GOP is also catering to this shrinking demographic. A fun read:
The GOP Jihad in Rolling Stone. "Leaderless and adrift, far-right Republicans purists are trying to purge the party of its last remaining moderates ..."

Kyle said...


*applauds Swift Boat ads*

*votes for politicians who cut pay, health care and benefits to servicepeople and their families*

Jazzbumpa said...

What's really sad is that the ignorance, stupidity, and outright dishonesty that Tinkley represents is actually what about 20% of the population believe.

The boutique is pretty large, alas.

Squid Vicious said...

Taking a cue from St. Ronnie of Santa Barbara, Mallard seems to have taken a bit o' dye to his aging pate between panels 1 and 2...

exanonymous said...

Aaaand... we're back to the "Profiling is great unless it's white people".

BakaHoushi said...

I am enjoying the "nicer to terrorists" bit, personally. It follows through that any approach to law enforcement, in crime or war, that falls short of decapitating anyone accused of a crime on the spot is "soft."

Anonymous said...

A few good cartoons. Cartoon #1 and Cartoon#2 and Cartoon #3 and Cartoon #4. last but not least Cartoon #5 today's cartoon, 05-14-09 by BT, I think it is quite good.

The Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano issued a report warning that military veterans may be recruited by right-wing terrorists. The report also warned against gun-rights advocates and abortion foes. It repeatedly used the word "terrorism" which Napolitano shunned during recent testimony before Congress.

In one interview, Napolitano declared that illegal immigration is not a crime, although it is under the criminal code. In another, she mistakenly suggested that 9/11 terrorists entered the United States from Canada. Reminded that 44,000 Homeland Security employees previously served in the military, Napolitano admitted the report was flawed.

It is clear that she's in way above her head. She has little understanding of the security issues facing our country and has offended veterans and other groups with her ridiculous comments. So now I see that she is on Obama's short list for a Supreme Court Justice seat. She cannot do her present job so let's make her a Supreme Court Justice. Obongo, what a bright guy.

Kyle said...

Ah Michael Ramirez. What, could he not work 9/11 into any of these? Or does he save invoking that tragedy to advocate Geneva Convention-flouting torture?

Anonymous. Have you heard of Eric Rudolph? Richard Poplawski? Tim McVeigh? Sgt. John Russell? Lee Harvey Oswald?

These are examples of men who fit into groups outlined in the Homeland Security report. They represent a minority of their respective groups (anti-abortion, anti-gun control, ex-military) but the way Khalid Sheikh Mohammed represents a minority of the Muslim peoples, it's a dangerous minority.

If anything, the Homeland Security report could be a catalyst in the government extending veterans greater benefits (and NOT raising their health care co-pay 7%) so they don't leave combat disgruntled.

I look forward to your response!

Anonymous said...

Kyle - How old were you when Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Kennedy? Were you even born? You have named five people.

Considering all of the hundreds of thousands of veterans who have served their country. All the thousands who have died for their country, over 50,000 in Vietnam alone. The military is protecting you and your family, you are grasping for straws. Also making a poor attempt at covering Napolitano's inept ass and comments.

She is anti-military and should not have the government position she now has. I am anti-abortion, anti-gun control, Vietnam era, so I am also the enemy and may be a right-wing terrorist? End of story, you people are burnt.

CW in LA said...

Is today's racist Anonytroll the same Anonytroll as the anti-gay Anonytroll from the other day? It's hard to tell, of course, due to the cowardly hiding behind the "anonymous" handle.

In any case, the current DHS report that, according to the current Anonytroll, betrays an anti-military sensibility was commissioned by the Bush administration, a fact that both Anonytroll and Tinsley conveniently ignore.

Kyle said...

Firstly I believe it's necessary to point out that the Dept. of Homeland Security also released this report on LEFT WING extremists. But no one is frothing at the mouth over this -- the reason being the rational left understands that the world isn't a coin-flip, 50/50, all-or-nothing place.

The right at large doesn't have this reasoning, apparently. So a report advocating looking out for possibly disgruntled soldiers like the examples cited to avoid a future John Russell incident, Ruby Ridge or Oklahoma City tragedy in the irrational right wing mind means ALL military. I suspect it goes along with the right's never-ending quest for persecution.

Now, as to when I was born...relevance? Kennedy's assassination is a landmark moment in American history and you know what they say about history. Then again, maybe you don't.

Also, yes. Five names. See Anonymous, those are things called "examples," or "precedent." When one lists examples they don't reference every instance.

As to the 50,000 soldiers who died in Vietnam, it's a tragedy. Every soldier's death is a tragedy and the vast majority of the military is heroes. You seemed to not mention where I wrote that the McVeighs, Oswalds and Russells are very small minorities in an otherwise honorable grouping. I suspect that goes back to the inability to understand that things aren't all-or-nothing.

Furthermore, I will not take jingoistic fingerwagging with no substance and accept it as "end of story" when you, Anonymous, are in the wrong. You did nothing to address my assertion that government awareness of issues that might make a soldier disgruntled could lead to improved benefits for soldiers. Why is this? Do you not want better benefits for the soldiers?! How dare you! (I don't actually believe this, but it's not fun when the erroneous shoe is on the other foot, is it?)

Anonymous said...

Yes, 9:11; if you ignore what the report says, and pretend it says something else, you are quite right.
Just like how if you ignore all the right-wing extremist violence in the US, then there is no right-wing extremist violence in the US! Hooray!

Hey, maybe if conservatives stopped pretending ,"Ya know, the Cold War is over; maybe we really don't need to spend 35% of our budget on defense against an enemy that no longer exists" really meant, "We hate America death to the troops hail Stalin blaaaaargh!!" there wouldn't be so much right-wing extremist violence, and thus no need for this report stating the blatantly obvious.*

Just saying.

*And don't even get us started on how the NRA and firearms industry played you rubes like the trained trombone-playing poodles you are, over the whole "Obama done gunna take yer guns away!" pablum.
Yes, this post is more effort then the troll deserves.

Patrick said...

Okay, I have to ask a question.

Why all the anonymous posting? I understand not giving your actual personal information out on the internet. That's basic common sense.

But posting without some kind of moniker just makes things confusing. We have two (maybe three) people commenting on this post anonymously, and its hard to keep track of. Please pick a name already. It doesn't have to mean anything.

rewinn said...

Patrick: you are making too much sense.

Please stop ;-)

Kip W said...

Somebody goofed on the "good cartoon" links. The first one points to the usual anatomically uninformed bla from Chris Muir (who thinks the press was 'tough' on Bush). The second, third, and fourth actually point to Ramirez, the walking talking point man, who only now cares about budgets and presidential power. The fifth one points to old Tin-eye, whose record shows an accuracy rate only marginally higher than his career average of better than mediocre drawings.

Similarly, our Poster Who Dares Not Speak His Name manages to gloss over where Kyle (somebody with a name!) said they "represent a minority of their respective groups" and triumphantly says, in effect, "HAH! They represent a MINORITY of their GROUPS! PWND!!!" and injures his hip doing a victory dance in his chair. That's going to hurt if and when he gets up. Though not as much as the embarrassment if and when he ever wises up to himself.