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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Golden Ellipses: Most Interminable Series or Running Theme

And the winner is...

Things that are Racist
The nominees for Most Interminable Series or Running Theme are...
  • Photos of Hillary - A bold declaration on 26 February in reaction to angry writers! Mostly notable, however, because by 9 April he was posting caricatures again. Even though it was not temporally lengthy, it felt interminable.
  • D.C. Gun Ban - Otherwise known as Much Ado About Nothing, since the Supreme Court ruled the Gun Ban was not Constitutional. Along the way, however, it featured some forehead-bashingly stupid commentary.
  • Bitterness - Mallard, the single most bitter individual on the planet, was outraged (outraged I tell you!) by comments which, when taken out of context, could be considered offensive to bitter people.
  • Mallard visits the President Elect - Creepy & pointless. Elevated to exceptional status by the singular claim that Mallard is part of the marketplace of ideas.
  • Things that are Racist - Textually: I fraudulently assert that criticism of Obama is being equated with racism. Sub-textually: Why does everyone keep saying that I am a racist whenever I open my mouth?
Your opportunity to vote is short, so get cracking!


Randall said...

"Mallard's Visit" went beyond his typical, hate-laden stupidity to waste a perfectly valid comic premise.

A cartoon duck talking to the president-elect could be really funny because, after all, it's a freakin' cartoon duck!

Instead, Tinkley decides in the first strip in the series, that what's funny is that Obama would think it's some sort of illusion. That's not really funny; that is in fact the natural and intelligent response. Joke: wasted.

As the series dragged on, the duck self-importantly declared that he'd be watching Obama! This could not have been very shocking to anyone who realizes Obama will spend the next 4 or 8 years in the White House.

All the comic possibilities wasted to Tinkley's overblown sense of importance and lack of sense of humor cry out and demand your vote!

Michael said...

"Mallard's Visit" is, by far, my favorite series of 2008. Mallard snuck past Obama's Secret Service to creepily say, "I'll be keeping an eye on you for the next few years". He claimed he was part of the "marketplace of ideas." And most unbelievably, he criticised Obama for potentially limiting the access of media who aren't friendly.

"Photos of Hillary" lasted exactly one cartoon, so that doesn't even count.

"Bitterness" featured 4 straight cartoons prominently using the word "bitter" -- great example of dragging out a manufactured right-wing meme, and actually managed to annoy me. "D.C. Gun Ban" was so, so stupid, and seemed like it would never end.

Because Mallard has spent so much of his career complaining about oversensitivity to racism, I'm voting for "Things that are Racist" as a kind of lifetime achievement award.

exanonymous said...

I had to go with bitterness. There's something about being bitter about being bitter about being bitter that makes me want it to end.

Anonymous said...

I’m going with "Things that are Racist" because it seems like ol’ Teeny does it at least once a month (and he makes it worse by giving them all same exact punch line).

Robert said...

What, no "Schools and Teachers are Doing Society a Great Disservice By Their Mere Existence"?

NotannonNotcow said...

"Photos of Hillary" is certainly the stupidest MF cartoon--but it was ver short, not interminable.

The "Mallard's Visit" was also not funny and stupid--close to, and arguably exceeding the stupid level of "Photos of Hillary." But it was no the Most Interminable.

Since he keeps coming back, and back, and back to the "Things That are Racist" meme, I'm going to have to go with that one.

fuckreagan said...

I have to vote for the Shit that Is Racist. Tinsley has the basis for an interesting idea. Speech codes, like Political Correctness in general, disguise our problems. Racism, when repressed, builds and will, eventually, burst out in a dangerous violent way. Racism still exists, better to let the racists say what they want so they can, easily, be identified. Tinsley, however, hates speech codes because he wants to say things like, "nigger" and "rican."

Bitterness is a nice second choice: Tinsley manages, through a single series, to offend minorities and the poor, take statements out of context, contradict everything he claims to believe and exemplify everything that we hate about this comic.

Kyle said...

Voted "Things That Are Racist," though there was something bizarre and kinda creepy about Mallard's visit with Obama.

Randall, RE: "the duck self-importantly declared that he'd be watching Obama!" keep in mind that this a comic who in his tribute to the equally awful Johnny Hart wrote "You were controversial before Doonsebury or Mallard!" So Tinsley sees himself in the same light as Trudeau, which is the only funny thing Tinz ever wrote -- apropos that it wasn't meant to be hilarious.

Robert said...

The phrase "marketplace of ideas" implies the presence of actual ideas, and MF is sadly bankrupt in this department.

Unless, of course, a brainstorm that results in flagging down a sober person to blow into the Breathalyzer so your car will start counts as an idea.

rewinn said...

"...Tinsley sees himself in the same light as Trudeau...

ZOMG! that explains a lot. I can see him explaining to the bartender "Yeah, I'm as good as Doonesbury, it's just all those liberals conspiring against me."