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Sunday, January 18, 2009

That damned bailout

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Bailout.

Hmmmm, now it is just a straight Bailout, without the scare quotes. Not sure what to make of that.

Anyway, we have a contender for the Worst Metaphor of 2009.

Unless this is not a metaphor and the secret bailout plan is to for Congress to gamble on sporting events and then fix the outcome!

Because that would be the most awesome solution to this problem I have ever heard.


D Johnston said...

Also, his attempt at forced perspective: fail. Since he didn't establish any visual clues to indicate that the football players are in the foreground (say, by having an arm overlap the coach), it just looks like they're inhumanly large. #75 there must be 10 feet tall, with arms like an orangutan.

Kaitlyn said...

"Gambling got us into this mess, and by jove, gambling's going to get us out!"

Also, what a waste of space. Every time I see a Sunday comic like this I think back to Calvin and Hobbes and Watterson's fight for space. I know, old whine, but damn! "I know, I have extra space for Sunday, so I'll make the losing football team look like giants and make the text look even smaller!"

12xuser said...

"Congressional" bailout = WTF? Is this a right-wing talking point? Evidently it's not a Bush bailout, just as it isn't a Bush recession. The Patriot Act, the War, the FISA bill, torture, all of it the fault of the (Democratic) Congress, I guess, because they rolled over and gave Bush nearly everything he wanted over the last eight years.

rewinn said...

Kaitlyn: I could not agree more with your comment on the waste of space here. Tinkley is one of the laziest cartoonists around if he takes the huge opportunity of a Sunday strip and wastes it on a low-content, single panel strip.

The football metaphor, done very badly here, offers a near-infinity of possibilities to a competent cartoon writer. Just off the top of my head:

QB Bush in huddle: "I'm calling a 911 play"
Center: "It's ALWAYS the 911 play. They're figuring it out."
QB: "Ok, how about a Schiavo play?"
Right Tackle: "We lost a lotta yardage on that one"
QB: "Warrantless Wiretapping sneak play?"
Right Guard: "We haven't scored on that one at all"
QB: "I'll run down the middle!"
Righter Guard: "Uh, we've never even practiced that"
QB: "End run around Congress?"
Even More Righter Guard: "That might work; they always let us roll over them."
Coach Cheney (on headset): "Go to the darkside"
QB: "Ok." (Heads for the tunnel)

OK, the above is freeassociating cr@p but the point is, it doesn't take a lot of work much to make SOMETHING better than a one-panel Sunday throwaway strip.

40 hours a week, folks ... we all gotta do it, unless you're a cartoonist printed only because he adheres to the Party line.

Johaely said...

Wow, this is actually funny.Tinsley has discovered absurdist humor and i tought that he only did [crappy] political humor.

Johaely said...

After looking it a second time i noticed that its not absurdist humor, but really crappy political humor and a completely aimless metaphor.

If Tinsley wants to make a really funny bailout Joke he should do one of the porn-industry looking for a bailout now, before its no longer relevant.Though, he may still manage to somehow make it unfunny.

Anonymous said...

Federal bailouts do not work that way!

Rootbeer said...

Didn't I see this same punchline in "Ziggy" a month ago...?