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Friday, January 09, 2009

Those damned Kennedys

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Kennedys.

Current there are 2 Kennedys in Congress (0.3% of 535 members):
  • Sen. Kennedy, Edward (D-MA)
  • Rep. Kennedy, Patrick (D-RI-1st)
Two of the last three Presidents have been from the Bush family, and both of them left office with the economy is utter shambles.

But in Mallard's world, it's the influence of the Kennedy family we need to worry about.


Factinista said...

But it's not a prediction for 2009 if you're predicting something in 2018. What doesn't he get about this?

Sigma said...

Recently, George Sr. said that he would love to see Jeb in the Oval Office someday, as he has many times before. Just putting that out there.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Factinista, his next 2009 prediction is that the fabric of time-space will be warped to the point that 2018 takes place in 2009.

Either that or he plans to drink so hard in 2018 he'll black out everything between now and then.

This is just another instance of neo-cons cowering in fear of Ted Kennedy as if he were Emmanuel Goldstein. I keep expecting the chants of "USA! USA!" to become chants of "BB! BB!".

Also, does he seriously expect the family of John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and JFK Jr to have huge numbers in congress? Could he at least pick a family with a better record of mixing politics and surviving?

Squid Vicious said...

Personally, I already divide the the comic strip artists in the Houston Chronicle (my online comic source) into "bitter hacks" and "non-bitter, non-hacks" Currently, that means its Tinkley against everyone else, which gives me a ratio of 1:98, or roughly 1%. If Congress is in dire straights, the comic pages are even worse off!

WV: herstrat - one of the many layers of effluvia in our erstwhile troll's unwashed undies

Rootbeer said...

Sigma: hey, between George and Jeb and Neil, Jeb is the only one of the kids that HASN'T been involved in a major financial fuckup...

dlauthor said...

Squid: damn you. MY EYES!

Hey, in less than two weeks there will be, for the first time since the invention of fire, no Bushes or Doles in the federal government. So that's a good start.

Word verification: Mallau. Walter Matthau IS Mallard Fillmore IN the direct-to-video bin at Wal-Mart.

Anonymous said...

Right wingers sure pick the weirdest things to be worried about. Kennedy representing a staggering .6% of Congress; French Fries being called the wrong thing; the Fairness Doctrine. It's a wonder how they find time to get anything done.
Oh. wait.

Timmer said...

Completely by accident, the joke is vaguely timely, what with Sarah Palin just doing an interview about how much better the media is treating Caroline Kennedy than it did her. The charge is completely ludicrous for a number of reasons, of course, but still, it looks like the duck isn't in a three week limbo for once.

exanonymous said...

Ack! Invasion of the Kennedies! I'm scared, time to vote conservative.

Michael said...

Clearly, one of the lessons the last few years have taught us is that we need to worry about the Kennedys taking over government by sheer numbers.

WV: sores.

Kaitlyn said...

Wait - we'll go from 2 Kennedys to 3 if Caroline gets in (which is terrible, natch, but with a commie Nazi terrorist in the white house, we're all doomed), but it will still take nine years for this split to happen?

Well, he does say "by" 2018.

I am quite surprised. I know he didn't plan it that way - this is just rambling (both of us) and Kennedy bashing (him).

Besides, not to be morbid, but by 2018, won't Ted Kennedy be dead? If Caroline gets in, isn't there a chance he'll be dead before she finishes her term?

As for any Kennedys over the next 9 years, I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility for at least one to enter politics. Possibly on a national level.

There, I made a prediction.

Where's my syndication deal?

Kaitlyn said...

I feel bad, but not too bad, because it's Rhode Island, and he's a Representative, not a Senator, plus he's been short of the crazy and/or scandal. (At least that sticks. That Kennedy magic again!)

I'd never heard of Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI-1st) until this week when the Daily Show made a joke about nepotism regarding Caroline Kennedy, which was good because most of us hadn't heard of him or if we had, thought of other names first.

What was more important, to me, was informing my mom that I'd seen and heard about the Caroline Kennedy "you know" video, "not that you'll remember when you tell me about this scandal in six months."

This last week, she told me that Obama may not have been born in the United States and did not salute the American flag. **gasp**

Though she had a new one, from some kid (school wasn't in session yet), that he walked on the flag, or something like it... whatever... very few details.

The first two - I laughed my ass off and told her she was a year behind the times, and tell me more about this walking on the flag. "I don't know more." "Oh come on, I love you, I'm not laughing at you!"

rewinn said...

Y'all missing the POINT!

Do the math.

If Caroline Kennedy gets into the Senate (...not a move I support, but what the heck, I don't really care, she's a lot more honest than Stevens, Craig or Vitter...) that will DOUBLE the number of Kennedys in the Senate.

If the number of Kennedys in the Senate DOUBLE every election year, then by 2018 there will be 2 ** ((2 018 - 2 008) / 2) = 32 Kennedys in the Senate.

Tinkley is predicting that there won't be 32 Republicans in the Senate.

I agree!

M. said...

It makes me laugh that conservatives are bitching about the Kennedys being in politics. Nepotism, a new thing? GO ON. Like American politics hasn't worked its way through families since the beginning: two Adamses, two Roosevelts, two Bushes...and that's just presidential. Chicago has had two Daleys, two Bush brothers have been state governors, Kennedys have been president, Attorney General, and senators...give me a break. Some families get political, and we continue voting for them. This isn't hard to understand.

Besides, Tinsley's actually being optimistic if you think about it: claiming so many Kennedys will survive the family curse to fill half the Senate.