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Thursday, January 01, 2009

That damned hope

What's Mallard raving about today?

The New Year, Barack Obama, Hope, Change.

Yeah. God forbid anyone be optimistic.

Mallard's relentless drumbeat against change, against optimism, against hope, and his calls for the status quo reminded me of this quote from Robert Kennedy:
Men without hope, resigned to despair and oppression, do not make revolutions. It is when expectation replaces submission, when despair is touched with the awareness of possibility, that the forces of human desire and the passion for justice are unloosed.
Mallard can bleat all he wants. But the rest of us are no longer resigned to despair and oppression, despite the last 8 years. So long as we don't allow Mallard and his ilk to dampen our expectations or our awareness of possibility, 2009 holds as much promise for change and hope as we can make of it.

The revolution starts in 2009, the revolution which will return America to it's promise. We don't need Mallard, and he wants no part of it anyway.

One last note as we go into the New Year on the matter of comments. I have no plans to moderate comments because I don't ever want to be an arbiter of what can and can't be said. I will simply remind everyone of what you already know. Trolls are not looking to have a rational discussion. As such you can't engage them in rational discourse. Feed the trolls if it amuses you, but keep in mind that you are giving them what they want.


Factinista said...

It's sad really. Mallard doesn't even have any real principles. Say what you will about the other neocon mouthpieces, but at least they believe in something.

All Mallard can do is hate. He hated McCain as much as Obama in the election, he hates everyday people who mildly annoy him, and he hates even mere concepts like "hope". It's all he lives for. What a miserable life that must be.

Mr. FourDotEllipse said...

Happy New Year!

About trolls and their ilk - there doesn't seem to be enough "back and forth" here to really feed them well. Then again, "rational" doesn't seem to be part of their SOP.

My word verification today - Gumsh. Wasn't that something said by Gabby Hayes?

12xuser said...

At the beginning of this brand-new year, I'd like to thank DaveyK for his insightful comments, and for facilitating this little community of Mallard-haters. Before "Duck and Cover", I would see Mallard in my local newspaper (since discontinued, thank the FSM) and be depressed - depressed that he was getting away with presenting his hateful hallucinations as fact. No more. This little comics blog has helped me to think more concretely about exactly what stupid tricks Tinsley uses to make his daily Two Minutes Hate.

Regarding trolls, I believe in general they should not be fed, but to this point anonyBruce has only been a minor annoyance, not a real threat to this blog.

Anonymous said...

"I steer my bark with hope in the head, leaving fear astern. My hopes indeed sometimes fail, but not oftener than the forebodings of the gloomy."
-Thomas Jefferson, 1816

January 1st: Happy new year
January 20th: Happy new USA

ajm said...

Harvey Milk always said that while you can't live on hope, life's not worth living without it.

Hell, even Ronald Reagan understood the need to appeal to people's aspirations (as well as OCCASIONALLY their fears)...

Robert said...

It's a new year!
The sky is bluer!
Babies are cuter!
Chins are penis-ier!

wv- tantipwv: something possibly muttered by an acid-tripping, getting-dragged-off-the-stage-by-security Gibby Haynes.

Michael said...

That Mallard Fillmore, what a grump!

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks to DaveyK for another year of maintaining this blog in a manner that's both responsible and always entertaining.

Here's a great start to the year: my word verification is preball!

Patrick said...

Gotta hand it to Mallard. He takes his misanthropy seriously.

Hope? No way!
Change? Only for the worse, forever and always. Life can only get progressively worse, though apparently faster under a Democrat than a Republican.

But enough about that! Happy New Year to everybody, and thanks to DaveyK for somewhere to go daily to mock an utterly hateful waterfowl.

rewinn said...

What fun did my friends here discover?

My fingers o'er keyboard do hover

To thank YOU DavyK

For showing the way

Happy New Year! let's all Duck And Cover!

Johaely said...

I don;t this will sound weird, but, this mallard is actually funny. I won't expect something like this until may.

John Roche said...


Does that make Mallard a nihilist?