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Saturday, January 03, 2009

That damned perspective

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Bailout, Rod Blagojevich.

Swing, and a miss. Could have been, should have been, funny. Of course, Mallard's loose affiliation with reality and grammar ruins it.

First off, it's a bailout, not a "bailout." The only way it would be a "bailout" is if the writer does not understand the proper use of quotation marks or if the writer has a tinfoil hat theory on the bailout in which it does not actually qualify for that term. Far be it from me to defend the bailout, especially the way it has been administered to date, however whatever dog whistle is being employed here is likely delusional.

Second, no one bought a U.S. Senator. Framing the scandal that way is a propagandist's ham-handed attempt to change the issue and imply guilt regarding someone other than Blagojevich. If Mallard wanted to make the joke work, he could have said "buy a U.S. Senate Seat 4,652 times". But, of course, Mallard actually prefers propaganda to making a joke work.


Michael said...

Any time Mallard tries to jump on a Democratic scandal, I recall his takes on Mark-- oh hell, in the middle of writing this, I realized that DaveyK already made my point days ago.

No feeding the trolls today, okay?

"I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."
- George Bernard Shaw

exanonymous said...

Oh! More evidence of the liberal bias of the media!

Stay with me for this one:
1) The media loves liberals (fact)
2) Obama is a (insert racial epithet here) (fact)

Okay, got that part over with, now the question: Blogowhatever is a democrat, so why the attention?

3) Blagojevich doesn't get along with many democrats (opinion)
4) Truth to the power! has begun to work, the long oppressed conservative minority is finally being heard. (fact)
5) The liberal media, being a bunch of anti-war pansies with no interest in conflict, does not know how to fight back directly and must resort to underhanded measures. (fact)

Blagojevich is the sacrificial lamb who has been set up by a scared liberal media to show that they do not have a love affair and thus try to restore their failing image with the oppressed conservative majority. Minority. Whatever.

Tinfoil hat please!

Michael said...

How about a full body aluminum suit, exanonymous?!

Michael said...

Er, or tin foil. Whatever.

Word verification: whazyla
Whazyla, dude!!!

12xuser said...

If Tinsley had an editor:

"And to help put the bailout in perspective, with that much money you could buy 4652 Illinois Senators."

Which, at two new Senators every 6 years, would cost $161 million each and last nearly 14,000 years.

Assuming he's talking about the $750 billion.

Word verification: runtheat - the kind of heat my car generates in January in Minnesota.

exanonymous said...


I like it! Where can I get one? Will it stop the voices in my feet as well as the ones in my head?

rewinn said...

Isn't Ted Stevens going to jail for only $250,000?

If we accept Tinkley's figure of $161 Million per Illinois Senator ($750 Billion/4362), then he's saying that the good people of Illinois are 644 times more valuable than those of Alaska.

Do you really want to insult the Alaskans, DT? That's supposed to be your refuge during the Tribulation.


12xuser - great job with the editing. Now if we can find some kid who can draw a duck, we can launch a REAL conservative strip, you know, the kind that believes in prudent finances, careful foreign policy and a government that stays out of our personal lives. I think there's kid who can draw a duck in any high school homeroom.


Michael - my New Year's resolution for 2009 is never respond to a troll, ever. Give Me Strength Oh Lord!

And an infinity of thanks for the aluminum suit youtube, which is now on my favorites!